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  • Happy Wife - Game.Changer.

    Wives, get the book. Husbands, get the book. This changed my marriage overnight. I am blown away. It clicked immediately for my husband, and I am so thankful. And SO DAMN happy. This author has cracked the code.

  • Alison Myers - Krud Kutter gets the job done!

    There doesn't seem to be anything Krud Kutter can cut through and clean away! Whether it's soap scum and mildew in the shower, thick layers of grease in a kitchen, marker on the walls or glue residue on anything, Krud Kutter can get the job done. I especially like that it does such a great job, but is also non-toxic and biodegradable!

  • DJ Caliban - Intuit is little more than a scam

    I've used Quickbooks Pro 2007 for my business since switching at the beginning of 2007 from AccountEdge. I'm not a bookkeeper, and don't have time to learn to be one, and bookkeepers who can use anything but Quickbooks are impossible to find. As it turns out, bookkeepers who I would hire to use my version could barely use it as it lacked common Wintel features. Passing the company file back and fourth - what should be a SIMPLE and ESSENTIAL task, was impossible. No problem doing that with Office, with music files, video, PDF, and just about anything else. Intuit is either utterly incompetent at engineering a decent datafile or consciously choosing to screw their Mac users.

  • Leah Di - Great product for the price!

    I love this portable charger. It's a tiny bit heavy but fits in my palm and doesn't take up a lot of space in general. I can get 2 or 3 full charges out of it on my Samsung S4 which I charge 2 times a day. I carry the Qualcomm charger everywhere and it's saved me so many times already! Highly recommend.