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  • Robin Cramblit - Love it

    I bought this bike for my 86 year old mom to get the exercise she needed after being in the hospital

  • Amazon Customer - A guide for good health!

    We each know where the owners manual is for our car, this is like the owners manual for your body! Stephen Cherniske has done an incredible job explaining, in understandable terms, the impact of DHEA on your body.

  • Wolf0216 - Great Vehicle!

    This vehicle is well made, comfortable and has all the features I need. It also is rugged enough to handle anything I can throw at it. After many years in the Army, this is a like a luxury Humvee.

  • Russ - Great portability and pressure.

    I am a man who likes to take care of himself, and oral care is definitely a strong point. I have been using irrigators for years, but all of them have been plug in, with a large reservoir that is hard to clean and maintain. This sleek model is everything I have wanted and more. With its ability to recharge and take on the go, this is a must have for anyone. I still get just as good of pressure as I did out of the others, but this is much easier to clean and maintain. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • G. S. Peres - foul foul foul

    Growing up in South America, sometimes I had one of those emergency "nature calls" while in the road. Imagine that gas station, with nothing but the slimiest, dirtiest, most disgusting bathrooms, where the last 20 people to use it that day were overweight, hairy chested, mustached, wife-beater wearing men, filled with 3 pounds of pork and corn waiting to be slid out of their crap shoots. Now imagine all of those 20 guys didn't flush. That my friend, is Liquid Ass.