Symbiomix: A New Focus on Women's Health - Symbiomix is a late-stage, privately held biopharmaceutical company with a focus on women’s health. The company’s lead product, SYM-1219, is a new anti-infective drug being studied as the first oral one-and-done treatment in the United States for bacterial vaginosis (BV), a common but underappreciated gynecological infection that greatly increases the risk of serious health problems.

  • Clinical Trials - Symbiomix - Clinical trials are research studies designed to evaluate a new drug or combination of drugs in patients or in healthy volunteers.

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  • holtzmichael - So happy with the performance

    Wow.... I had been playing around with wifi network equipment for a long time. I had a new Hitron Modem from my ISP provider, and it was "ok" but getting strong constant signals to my PS4/TV set on the other side of the house was difficult. So I had a Cat5 cable and a router placed there. But the router didn't get along as well as i'd hoped with my Hitron device. I finally said forget it and spent more than I had planned to get this system.

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    I am so pleased that I decided to give this weight loss program a try. It turned out to be very easy to follow, pretty painless and an eating plan that I can follow the rest of my life. The book is clearly written, the plan outlined what to do and how to do it in a no nonsense way and overall has given me hope that this will continue to work for me and help keep me healthy and at my correct weight.

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