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  • MartyB - Has it's limitations

    Except for being waaay over priced I like Outlook. It gives me the control I want to weed out spam and performs well. The only thing I don't like is if my computer crashes or something like that, I loose all the email data that I have save, etc. It is actually my secondary email source. Gmail is my primary where I don't have to concern myself with loosing anything.

  • magicker71 - Great cables for the money!!

    I've been shopping for cables for sometime to hook up to my RadioShack 4440-T Speakers and needed something that would really transmit the full power of my music through them. I almost bought the more expensive K3 cables for $34,000 a pair but the wife was really complaining about the cost so I settled for these. WOW! The fidelity of these are amazing, especially considering I only paid $8,450 a set!!! I may upgrade at some point, but for now these will do.

  • jellybean - Wonderful stuff for my face- I have used many brands ...

    Wonderful stuff for my face- I have used many brands and this is the best. My skin is soft and some of the age spots are fading.