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  • Mabalis Eddie - Waste of Money!

    First, the plans that you can edit are a joke. Neither my wife nor I could edit a plan into anything we were trying to. It was easier to start from scratch. The training videos are helpful, but when they are produced, some functional steps are left out so following the video precisely will not get the desired result. We found that to be very frustrating, especially in the beginning steps. Be careful when you buy this software. By the time you figure out this is not the software for you, the learning curve is probably going to be longer than Amazon's return policy...

  • pete d hunsader - Happy with flaps

    These are five stars flaps with one exception. I could not use one of the holes (drill holes could have been better). I have had them on the truck for awhile with no problems. They are a little shorter then the originals but I think that is a good thing. They no longer hit the speed bumps as you go over them. Happy with the flaps.

  • Aaron Gunn - Best fitness tracker I have found

    App and watch work great. I can't say how accurate the sleep and calories count are, but, I suspect they're in the right ball park. Therefore, the tracker and app do precisely what they're suppose to, motivate to improve. The design is great and I have had few trackers. It's the best one for me and my training, cycling and swimming. I have asked that there is an indoor cycle coach.

  • Marlon SDA - Official

    You cant go wrong with the official Volleyball. It feels lighter than other versions, but it works perfectly. If you want the perfect ball for Volley, this one is it... and the price right now, is perfect.

  • Angela - I never felt full and knew my baby wasn't satisfied. It wasn't sustainable and the freezer stash was ...

    Can't believe the difference this made! My supply plummeted the week I returned to work and began pumping. Not sure if it was the stress or my body not reacting favorably to the pump. I was barely able to pump 9 oz during the day PLUS a midnight pump. I never felt full and knew my baby wasn't satisfied. It wasn't sustainable and the freezer stash was going fast. I started taking this on Friday. By Monday, I was noticeable fuller. By Tuesday AM, I was engorged and pumped plenty for the next day's demand during my work hours. No midnight pump needed. Very relieved! I hope this sustains.