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  • Lance - I like it better than others that I have tried but it isn't perfect.

    I wish the lights were brighter for outdoor use. Some GFI's don't trip using the built in Test button but do when you push the button on the actual outlet, I have no idea how that can be. The size and grip are good.

  • 24Dreamer - Pre-menopausal relief

    I am right at the beginning of what will turn into full blown menopause and if this is a precursor to what is to come, I am so thankful that I found Estrolibrium now! It has really been a life saver. I am still learning about what to expect with menopause but I know that the decreasing levels in estrogen have definitely effected my mood and sleep quite a bit and Estrolibrium has definitely helped with that. Thank goodness because I don't think my husband can take my snapping at him over the dirty dishes another day!

  • Ricardo Flores - Great value--wireless earphones commensurate with brands 5 times as exspensive!!!

    These are exactly what I wanted. Since I have used Jaybird wireless earphones I will compare the TaoTronics to them. I have had two pairs Jaybird wireless earphones over the last 4 years and these are much better value. The Jaybirds start to fail to charge after a few months and completely die within about 18 months. For the price of one set of Jaybird wireless earphones, you can get 5 or 6 pairs of these TaoTronics. I use these during high intensity workouts. They have not fallen out once. They have similar sound quality to the Jaybirds. The Jaybird Sprints were able to get me through about two workouts...these have gotten me through two workouts and 2 hours of studying and still have about a 30% charge. With the Jaybirds, my phone needed to be on the right side of my body or else it cut out. I have left my phone on the floor and walked around a 100ftx50ft gym without the signal cutting out with the TaoTronics. The value of these earphones is amazing. I was skeptical as I was expecting to pay another $150+ dollars for another set of earphones; I am glad I found these.

  • agatha - finally a true great product.

    This product is terrific and does exactly what you see it do in the demo on tv. PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS FIRST. not that there is anything complicated. there is a right way to use it. it trims your nail on one side of the unit and files your nail with the other, so you really need to read about it. I LOVE IT. GREAT STOCKING STUFFER.

  • Ryan Murphy - Works great

    This stuff works great. I used it to remove adhesive from my car doors where I removed the door bumper panels. So this was on the paint and it didn't damage the paint at all. It just softens up the adhesive and breaks it down so you can wipe it away. It takes several applications before it breaks down and the thicker the adhesive the more you need to use but it works.

  • LaRae - I LOVE this product

    I LOVE this product! I'm about to turn 40 and live in a sunny climate so it's important to me to take great care of my skin. However, I have extremely sensitive skin so finding a great moisturizer has always been a challenge. This summer I was noticing more lines around my eyes, and sun spots on my forehead and nose. After using this product for just a week I noticed my skin was brighter and healthier looking, and it seemed to reduce the sun spots a bit. The SPF 30 is a fantastic feature and I apply generously on my face, neck and chest area before applying my makeup (sometimes also to the backs of my hands). I've recently starting using the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair EYE cream at bedtime and in the morning, in addition to the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair NIGHT cream. Using all 3 products together I do see a difference in my skin and love it!

  • Amazon Customer - I love this book because its a little funny and very ...

    I love this book because its a little funny and very true story. I love my dad even if he punish me sometimes and if he's not a superhero. I love you dad forever! From Maniyay, 8th November 2015, Kosovo.