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SpectrumHRT - Testosterone, Hormone Therapy in Miami - Spectrum HRT, Miami specializes in HCG Weight Loss, HGH Therapy, Bio Identical Hormone Therapy and Testosterone Therapy in Miami, Florida.

  • https://spectrumhrt.com/consultation/ Schedule Free Consultation / Appointment - Spectrum HRT, Miami - To visit Spectrum HRT, Miami FL please schedule Free Initial Consultation By Doctor For Walk In Patients Only.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/blog/ Spectrum HRT Blog - Detailed articles about all forms of Hormone Therapy. Including Testosterone News, HGH Therapy, Sermorelin Treatments and Best Weight Loss programs.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/about/ SpectrumHRT - Advanced Anti-Aging Clinic & Dr. Vinson Di Santo - SpectrumHRT, Miami FL maintains a high standard of integrity and professionalism by way of compliance with all applicable state medical laws and regulations.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/bio-identical-hormone-therapy/ Bio Identical Hormone Therapy in Miami - Cost $16/week - Bio Identical Hormone Therapy in Miami (BHRT) at SpectrumHRT, Florida help to reduce anxiety, depression, and helping patients return to a healthy weight.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/hormone-therapy-for-men/ Men’s Hormone Therapy in Miami, Florida - Hormone Therapy in Miami, Florida at SpectrumHRT offers men a way to gain back their youthful spirit and to reverse these life altering symptoms of aging.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/hormone-therapy-for-women/ Hormone Therapy in Miami For Women - Cost $16 per Week - Women hormone therapy in Miami can help women replenish the hormones their body no longer produces, allowing them to take back a measure of their youth.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/testosterone-therapy/ Testosterone Therapy in Miami - Cost $8 per Week - Testosterone Therapy in Miami at SpectrumHRT - Four basic treatment options available for low testosterone: Injections, Pellets, Tablets, Transdermal Administration.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/sermorelin_therapy/ Sermorelin Therapy in Miami, Florida - Cost $78 a week - Sermorelin Therapy in Miami, FL is an innovative treatment for combating low Human Growth Hormone levels and the symptoms of aging at very low prices.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/erectile-dysfunction-treatment/ Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Miami - Procedure and Cost - We have treated numerous patients suffering from erectile dysfunction in Miami through Hormone Replacement Therapy at our advanced facility in Florida.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/human-growth-hormone/ Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy in Miami at very low cost - Hormone Growth Therapy in Miami at SpectrumHRT can solve medical issues such as hormone deficiencies, it can also be used to treat impaired growth such as short stature.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/weight-loss/ Weight Loss Clinic in Miami, Weight Loss Center - Cost & Process - Weight Loss Clinic in Miami, Physician Supervised Weight Loss Center provide the most effective, safe, long-lasting method for weight loss at low prices.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/hcg-miami/ HCG Miami Weight Loss Injection Shots & Diet - Cost $5/Day - HCG weight loss Injection and Diet in Miami at SpectrumHRT will help you to establish good nutrition habits with minimum exercise at very affordable prices.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/nutrition-therapy-in-miami/ Nutrition Therapy in Miami, Nutrition Guide - Cost & Process - Nutrition Therapy in Miami, Nutrition Guide at SpectrumHRT carries a broad range of Nutrition Therapy procedures at very affordable prices in Florida.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/concierge-service/ Concierge Service in Miami, Florida at very Affordable Cost - Concierge program in Miami at SpectrumHRT is to honor and serve those individuals who not only value their health, but also respect the dedicated professional.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/intravenous-therapy/ Intravenous (IV) Therapy in Miami, IV Nutrition & IV Chelation - IV Therapy in Miami - IV Nutrition and IV Chelation is a treatment to help revitalize patient’s metabolisms, increasing blood flow throughout the body.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/nutraceuticals/ Nutraceuticals supplements in Miami at very affordable prices - Nutraceutical supplements in Miami have more purity and potency of the natural nutrients that are necessary for daily health maintenance at very low cost.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/nutritional-test/ Food Allergy Testing in Miami, ALCAT Test - Cost & Process - Food Allergy Test in Miami, ALCAT services are easier and safer way of finding out what foods are ideal exactly for you and which are not at very low price.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/nutritional-deficiency-test/ Nutritional Deficiency Test in Miami, Florida - Cost & Process - Nutritional Deficiency Test in Miami at SpectrumHRT will administer the SpectraCell testing, interpret the results with you and get you on the road to feeling first-rate once again.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/body-lift-surgery/ Body Lift in Miami at affordable price by board certified surgeon - Our Body Lift in Miami procedure help you to look more youthful, smoother appearance and attractive body after weight loss at very low cost.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/brazilian-butt-lift/ Brazilian Butt Lift Miami, Buttock Augmentation Cost, Surgeon - Brazilian butt Lift in Miami at SpectrumHRT is a type of butt augmentation which results in youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/breast-augmentation/ Breast Implants Miami, Breast Augmentation Cost, Surgeon - Breast Augmentation in Miami has now expanded to cover the aesthetic needs of women unsatisfied with their breasts or male-to-female transsexual patients.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/breast-lift-surgery/ Breast Lift in Miami, Florida - Cost and Plastic Surgeon - Breast lift Miami at SpectrumHRT is a procedure to change the shape of breast at very affordable price by board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/breast-reduction/ Breast Reduction in Miami by Certified Surgeon at Low Cost - Breast reduction in Miami at Spectrum HRT may contribute to a women’s psychological well being as she begins to feel more “natural” and “healthy” looking.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/face-lift/ Face lift in Miami by board certified surgeon at affordable prices - Face lift in Miami at Spectrum HRT are cosmetic procedures that allow a person to uplift their appearance to feel and look more youthful at very low cost.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/liposuction/ Liposuction in Miami, FLorida at very Affordable Prices - $299* - Liposuction in Miami at SpectrumHRT has gained popularity due to its ability to do the procedure in a very efficient way to lose the excess fat at low cost.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/tummy-tuck/ Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty in Miami - Cost and Procedure - Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in Miami at Spectrum HRT is just another sub-category of weight reduction surgery that targets the tummy or abdomen.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/botox-miami/ Botox Injections in Miami, Florida - Cost $8.49 per unit - Botox in Miami at SpectrumHRT is a non-permanent aesthetic treatment that reduces wrinkles and also costs much low compared to cosmetic surgeries.
  • https://spectrumhrt.com/perlane-injectable/ Perlane Injection in Miami, Florida at very affordable prices - Perlane Injection in Miami at SpectrumHRT is aesthetic dermal filler which is proven to soften wrinkles and facial lines at very affordable cost in Florida.

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  • cecelia maenza - Waste of a lot of money

    We applied this product to a well-cleaned, not very old, deck as prescribed last summer (9 months ago). It was beautiful, I was so pleased with the outcome. Now, most every part of the deck is peeling off. Lowes reports that there is no guarantee on the product, no money returned. Very expensive, ugly mess!

  • K. Carl - Total fake! Do not purchase!!

    The real, authentic Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask sold by the manufacturer is a miracle for your hair. This product sold on Amazon is a total fake that doesn't look, smell or perform like the original. Totally frustrating waste of money, Do not buy!!