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  • Free ECG Simulator! - SkillSTAT - This FREE ECG simulator will help you practice interpreting core rhythms, as well as exceptions such as AV Blocks. It also has a game mode!

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  • HelloKitty - I was pretty much a skeptic

    I bought this for my 91-year-old grandparents. They recieved some advertisement for it in the mail and I was skeptical. I bought it for them. They love it. My grandfather has age spots and the spots were reduced. He also claims he feels better. He is now trying to convince his friends to try it as well. I am going to keep buying this for them.


    This book helped me immensely. Now that I follow the advice written in this book to stop my symptons of GERD, I am pain free and feel so much better. I know I am doing the right thing for my health.

  • concerned citizen - Not for the silently frustrated smaller, high voiced worker

    I bought this binder for my boss of 15 years, hoping he might put me in it. He seems to overlook me, though, even when I stand very close to the binder and suggestively angle myself so that it would be very easy to slide me on in. Although I am more than qualified for a management position, he seems to only choose people who are taller than I am, with deeper voices and more whiskery faces. Many of these tall whiskery people have been trained by me. This morning, when I brought him his coffee, the binder looked almost like a mouth, with its bright insides like teeth. For a minute I could have sworn I heard it whispering to me that its durability renders it suitable for inflicting physical trauma. It was disturbing and I had to leave the office immediately but I cannot stop thinking about it and its sharp metal EZ-turn rings.