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  • What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome? | Nadrich & Cohen - What is Stevens Johnson Syndrome? Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) was first identified in 1922 by A.M. Stevens and S.C. Johnson. SJS is an immune complex
  • SJS Symptoms | Nadrich & Cohen - SJS SymptomsAt Nadrich & Cohen, LLP, our nationwide drug lawyers have experience representing clients who have been seriously injured by dangerous drugs and
  • Dilantin & Stevens Johnson Syndrome | Nadrich & Cohen - Dilantin and  Stevens Johnson Syndrome Dilantin Side Effects - SJS Steven s Johnson Syndrome, Dilantin lawsuit, Dilantin side effect lawyersNadrich &
  • Case Results | Nadrich & Cohen - We are proud of the victories and settlements we have obtained as well as the settlements our legal teams and co-counsel partners have obtained. $10 million
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