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  • Fred Tarburton - no plastic waste. Cleans easily

    Makes smooth coffee. Environmentally friendly.. no plastic waste. Cleans easily. Economical... Café Coffee at work sucks and costs $1.50 / cup. This device and a zip-lock bag of coffee is all I need. It'sperfect for me

  • Denise Diaz - Surprised at its efficiency.

    I have tried several other kinds of products; chew-able dog bones, liquid stuff, other kinds of treats. And even dry food that claims to help with dental care.The only problem with my dog is the plaque on his molars in the back that seemed to be getting worse. I couldn't even brush his teeth, but mainly because it irritated his gums more than actually clean anything. Nothing has come close to this thus far. This product came in the mail early last week. Just over a week later, I'm already seeing results. It's clearing up and getting whiter, and I had bought a scraper just in case, but I don't think I'm even gonna need it at this rate.

  • Joseph - A great way to protect your car.

    Just what I wanted, fit like a glove, and tough as nails. I have these in my Nissan Titan, and my Mustang GT.

  • Jamie Cooper - BROKEN, Right out of the box!

    We received this as a Christmas gift (purchased from Amazon). We finally got in to "chilled wine season" and decided to put it to use this evening for an impromptu date night at home. Sadly, that will have to happen without wine, because it does nothing other than blink that it's ready.

  • A Matter of When - worth the cost

    This chair is quality and we love it. It doesn't get very close to our table's edge because of the table skirt but it works. VERY secure. if installed right nothing could budge this thing. Easy on and off!

  • Lorraine - Llllllllllllll

    Very effective product. Will recommend to anyone who has a problem gettn the roaches to be gone! Will definite buy again.