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  • MR. Jonathan - Great Security For Desk + Laptops

    Download easier this year than any previous year. My 2nd computer had a problem, yet it was solved quickly by their Quick-Fix download. I like & use all the aspects that come with Total Protection. The complete virus scan does take a long time, so I now do that every 6 weeks with short scans in-between.

  • Amazon Customer - Great cellulite gel

    I love this stuff! Makes dimpling diminish significantly. Absorbs quickly. Makes my thighs very smooth also. Love the product!

  • Tammy - Impressive Product

    I absolutely love this product! Not only did it help prevent my hair from breaking and thinning, it also helped my nails become stronger, an added bonus! Additionally, it brought shine to my hair too! I have tried another similar product and had to stop taking it because it irritated my stomach, but this product seems to be very gentle to the system and I haven't had any issues with my stomach! Highly recommend this product!

  • Dave - Scotch saver

    I learned the hard way that you can ruin really good scotch by trying to save it for special occasions. Someone gifted me a very nice bottle and I only drank it when the mood served. Eventually, as there becomes more oxygen in the bottle than actual booze, it looses all of its heat and flavor. I'm no rocket scientis, but in the same way old gasoline turns to varnish, I'm sure old booze turns to rather bad tasting water. Further research confirmed this. First I thought about getting step-down sized bottles, so I could pour it into progressively smaller bottles to keep the air to liquor ratio down. What a pain. Then I found this. So long as your scotch is in a cork-able bottle this seems to work. I hear it also works for wine ;p

  • Andrea Calmon - Kids love it!

    Great product. Fairly easy to put together. We purchased it for Christmas gift for our 4 kids ages 15, 13, 12, 10. It took two men and about 2 hours to put together in the cold. It's light enough to move around to mow the grass underneath. It's sturdy. I was worried about the weight limit, but I've had 4 teenagers on it and it's held up just fine. It's a great activity and the kids never get tired of it. The enclosure is sturdy too, not flimsy.

  • Amazon Customer - Bad customer service, predatory pyramid scheme company

    I was excited to try this product as I know a person that is having success with it. I ordered the transformation kit, thinking I would go all in on the "challenge". I really enjoy the taste of their shakes. They make a good shake mix that tastes and smells like cake mix. I was able to mix these shakes with almond milk, sugar free jello mix, and powdered peanut butter to make a very tasty "butterfinger" shake that was only 180 calories. The shakes were never the problem.