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  • MmmmDonuts - Looks great at first, but doesn't last.

    I have VERY oily skin that breaks out so I started using BE hoping to get better coverage than my liquid foundation. Well...It looks great right after you "buff" it on. It leaves a soft finish, feels like nothing at all, and takes just seconds to apply - much better than having to use my make up sponge to blend for 10 minutes! I use the concealer brush on my nose to get rid of the powder settled into pores look and on my forehead to get rid of the powder settled into the furrow lines look (I'm in my late 20's, so not too many lines). Sounds good so far, but the problem comes about 2 hours after I put it on. The powder settles back into any fine lines, if I wear sunglasses they leave two little spots on the bridge of my nose where the sunglasses rested, and because of my oily skin, the powder starts to look streaky on my nose and forehead. After about 4 hours, I have to rebuff some foundation on and use more mineral veil or I'll be super shiny and streaky. In the winter, the powder ends up all over my jacket collars - it has NO staying power at all. Basically, BE is perfect for people with perfect skin (not dry, not oily) who don't have high collars on their jackets!

  • Alex - Great tv, but Amazon Video NOT supported.

    I purchased the Costo version a few days ago and after tweeking the factory picture settings, am impressed so far with this TV.

  • amazonuser - No results noted

    I have started this product. It has not shown any positive improvement to my pcos symptoms. I did notice I started having sever back pain after I started taking this. Am also starting to question the credibility of this product and the company. Very disappointed! !!!

  • laura merrone - A Great Book with Some Great Insights on the United States and the Bible!

    This was a really interesting book about the Masons, Bible prophecies and others and how that all ties in with the last days we are living in. Again, Thomas Horn has done a great deal of well-footnoted research into all these areas and it reads like the DaVinci Code...lots of encrypted stuff even on the dollar bill and on some of our most famous monuments like the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument...Some of this stuff, I had never considered before. For example, why does the Vatican and the Capitol building have a cupola and a obelisk in the same pattern? Well, you'll find out when you read this in-depth study of ancient history and how it influences our society today...He also goes into detail about what's on the dollar bill and also the Great Seal of the United States. Really, I recommend this to anyone who wants a greater insight into all going on in today's world.

  • rosebud - NOW products, 5 STAR, HIGHEST QUALITY

    now products are wonderful. highest quality. kava is a wonderful herb to take for stress. i highly reccomend now products.

  • Jeff Bube - 2013 icd 9 cm standard edition missing pages 449 to 480

    This book was received in good condition as it was purchased new....however while using this for a class I realized I couldn't code some conditions as I was missing two whole sections from the alphabet index letters Q and R pages 449 to 480. I am hoping this is a printing problem only with my book and not the books in general as I am taking a class where this reference in very important in coding medical diagnoses. Hoping the next one I receive is not missing these sections.

  • Orin Hatch - 1st software designer purchase in 10 years

    I have always put layouts together for everything I've ever really wanted. I've never had much money to put towards the nice high end Auto Cadd. I have had to put some serious thought into what I buy before purchasing it. I still have a LOT of learning to do before I'll really be able to pick this one apart. That is why I am giving this one 4 stars. The last designer software I had been using is more intuitive than this one. It stepped you up in detail as you put your design together in a more friendly fashion. Rather than working from the novice/hobbyist point of view and bringing them up to a higher lever this software seems to start with the professional's point of view and dumb it down for the novice/hobbyist. It will take a solid investment of my time before I will be solidly proficient in this one. However having said that, this software is also night and day more powerful than my last and will handle lots of design aspects that my last couldn't even touch. Being one who will put the time in to learn the tool I can't say that I mind the 'con' I've put in here. It's an interest of mine that will not go away so this becomes part of the fun. I'm just dealing with being used to get my designs rolled out faster and easier. For what I have to play with now the price was a steal. I also look forward to putting this software together with some other software component/packages that they have for a very complete design studio. I am a happy customer.