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  • Piobaireachd - Don't waste your money

    Very disappointing. The map detail is poor at best. It doesn't show roads that have been in existence for at least ten years. It lists a railroad (now hiking trail) that has been gone since the early 1980s. I was hoping this would be a suitable replacement for Microsoft Streets and Trips, but it looks like Google is much better and free. Of course I can spend another $30 for a map subscription, but why would I want to throw more money at a substandard software package?

  • Colin P. - I like the idea if of these

    I bought one of these filters about 6 months ago, and I'm now on my 4th replacement. Within a month, the little plunger that you pull to filter water gets stuck and won't automatically return to the "off" position. I like the idea if of these, but they just aren't made as well as the old FM-15 model.

  • Evelyne LeTennier - Do not buy this product

    Like many other posts, this product is peeling.junk.after this winter it is peeling ans bubbling up. Now I have to redo my whole deck

  • Chloe Beemer - Cat peed your bed?

    Bought my couch off craigslist and soon realized a faint urine smell. I noticed a small stain under the cushion and was really grossed out so I took to the Internet for the best product. I found this after reading reviews and it seemed like the only option. I poured it all over the bottom of the cushion (not on the cushion fabric shell that was machine washed) but on the foam and under side of the couch. It made a large water looking stain but removed the smell completely.

  • Jang R - OMG I love this products

    OMG I love this products!! I wish I would have known about this product when my first son was a baby. He used to get real bad diaper rash and I've used the cream our doctor prescribed but this is by far the best! My second son gets diaper rash but if I put this cream once, rashes disappear in a few hours!!