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  • D4N3R5 - Water Pick

    Received it earlier today, and just finished using it. 100x better than my last one, which attached to thew faucet. The pulsing action massages my gums like I've never felt before. Way better than the treatments I get at the dentist. Im hoping this makes the visits much better because the dental tech always asks if I've purchased a water pick. Now I can answer 'YES', LOL. I purchased this item for the price and the fairly descent reviews. The small issues are quick fixes, which are my niche.

  • S. Weaver - Best cream I have found for diaper irritation

    My son started having signs of an allergic reaction diaper rash to carrots so we used some Method diaper. It got worse. Used aveeno, no change. Used A&D, even worse. Despite the smell I tried Balmex, fail. Tried "no diaper" time, I got a wet floor. Finally a friend suggested this. I did a heavy coat before bed and by morning it was 90 percent improved. I'm a believer! I even converted my daycare lady and she has been doing this for 25 years!

  • jeff ward - nothing

    since i have been using the product i have seen absolutley no difference in my skin as they show in their product can go look abd it shows 2 weeks after and before but let me tell you it doesnt do any of this.

  • B. Dauteuil - Reads like it was edited by an intern.

    Now I understand that this is supposed to have been around for hundreds of years and edited by the guys in the movies, but that doesn't excuse the spelling and grammar errors running rampant through this book. There are areas where it should read the word area, instead it reads are, and there are and it says there there.

  • Howard Nemerov - Four capsules twice daily may be too much for you

    AUTHOR'S FOREWARD: People browse products like this for many reasons. If you're looking to lose weight, let me help you save time: I didn't use this for weight loss, and there are some excellent Amazon reviews by people who successfully lost weight with Super Colon Cleanse.