Reynolda Veterinary Hospital - We are a veterinary medical facility, providing services to pets in Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas.

  • Reynolda Veterinary Hospital | Services - We are ready to provide your cat, dog, bird, rabbit, small mammal, or reptile with veterinary medical care, including Drive-Thru Pharmacy Service, Radiology, Day Care, Internal Medicine, Dental Care, and Wellness Exams.
  • Reynolda Veterinary Hospital | Our Staff - Eric Taylor, DVM, Emily Collins, Jan Shaw and staff seek to provide the best possible animal care for their highly-valued patients.

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  • bryce - great product

    This is a great suit. The suit is light and breathable. love the back plate turn on the back and slide down the mountain. Use it for mtb so the airflow is important also free movement and this has an ample amount of both.

  • Sarah - 5 stars

    I love "Go Ginza" by Essie so I decided to give this similar shade a try. It's a cooler color but I like it a lot.

  • TheHandsomeDan - More fun than expected

    In the early 2000's, I was pretty intensely into Dance Dance Revolution. And when this came around, I rolled my eyes at the franchise as a cheap clone. Turns out this is actually a really well done title. My only real beef has been with the "sing along" mode. You can't turn that OFF, and it keeps detecting the games own music as perfect singing, which it then gives to player one. Player one will always win because of this. Period. Very annoying design flaw.

  • BakinBits - Squirrelinator works great!!!

    Had squirrels in the attic. Yikes! Sounded someone dragging boxes around. Put the Squirrelinator up there with corn and 24 hours later we had four squirrels trapped. They are now in their new home abt 10 mi away. Trap is very well built, easy to figure out and best of all it worked!! Next stop: veggie garden this spring / summer if not before. Very pleased. Daughter paid some guy $300 for squirrel removal at her house last year.

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    Granted, I'm working out and eating a borderline Paleo nutrition plan, but still, I know CLA has helped me cut back about 14lbs in about 4 weeks. Paleo is really low-carb, but I haven't totally cut out things like omega-3 milk, swiss cheese, wheat bread - all those have carbs that are not part of the Paleo. So when I eat them I'm always sure to take a CLA and that helps curb my carb intake. Only time I don't really bother taking a CLA with a meal is if I snack on fruits. I pretty much just let those complex carbs do whatever they gotta do.

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    My doctor recommended me this product two years ago for my hair loss, and since then I keep using it and recovered all my hair again (I'm also taking some pills for the hairloss). Honestly is the best one I've tried in comparison with the other products who also has minoxidil as its main formula. This is neither greasy nor messy. It actually leaves my hair like I'm not using nothing at all, so I actually can use it every day without worrying.

  • Johnny Weaver - Wonderful book! We shared it with our 3 year ...

    Wonderful book! We shared it with our 3 year old grandson at the arrival of his baby brother...perfect fit for the change taking place in his life! He was reciting it after only a couple of readings with grandparents.