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  • *Veewin* - So Convenient!

    I <3 this thing. It was very easy to set up and is pretty solid. My 5 month old son loves finally being able to sit at the table with us for meals. I'll be taking this with us on vacation so he won't have to sit in the nasty highchairs at restaurants.

  • Derek Lowe - Works with Cox just some advice with Cox

    I bought this from Walmart because Amazon shipping times are insane these days I don't feel like waiting 2 weeks for it to leave the warehouse. I will give as detailed of a review as I can about this and why you should invest in your own modem.

  • Thuy - I've been waiting for a update from Samsung on this matter but it seems like my phone was from Egypt and I have not ...

    I've had nothing but issues with this phone since I got it. I have apps randomly opening and closing on it's own. I've read online that it is due to the screen being too sensitive. I've been waiting for a update from Samsung on this matter but it seems like my phone was from Egypt and I have not received an update yet. Pretty much the phone has been unusable for me because I can't even type or navigate the phone without it closing me out of applications or opening up ones randomly. I am very disappointed in this. What are my options?

  • Martha McKinley - life changing information

    This book contains very simple step by step process to accomplish what the title says! And my husband and I both accomplished the process. Some of the menus were tedious b/c had so much prepping, but others were easy and it was my choice to do the difficult ones, so no complaints. But what he promised in the book as far as our experience was right on! We did stop having cravings after the first day! My husband an avid coffee drinker was able to quit coffee with only an occasional headache and Dr. Hyman gives you hints on what to do about that also. Everything is in the book to help you get through what could have been a horrible experience to what really turned out to be an enlightening experience with little discomfort. Of course, I was already familiar with Dr. Hyman's other book The ultra wellness cookbook so I was very familiar with how he constructs his recipes. I really like how Dr. Hyman makes the case about our addictive sugar habits and how our brains are chemically induced to crave sugar. He constantly is doing research on the subject and I like how he now links so many of our health problems to over consumption of not just sugar but artificial sugar and processed foods. And what's really different in this book is how he wants us to do something in our communities to start spreading this awesome information. I am always conscious now when I go to the store and I tell all my family & friends and the members that I teach Yoga to that we vote with our dollars. Don't spend your money on stuff you think is not worth being on the shelf even if it's convenient or cheaper in the long run you could be saving lives and the planet by buying something that is worthy of your humanity! My husband was really happy that we did this 10 day detox, I thought he would be the first to hate it but he loves the smoothies and does not want to go back to his cereal. This book can really change your emotional attachments about food and may save your life. I am very grateful to Dr. Hyman for writing this book! He has made me become aware of how attached I was to certain foods and that eating foods that raise your glycemic ratio can cause you to over eat and gain weight and cause you to feel achy and have fatigue. My husband and I totally stopped snacking after dinner. Somehow just eating more greens and staying away from all the carbs and hidden sugars in our processed food changed our brain chemistry. It's really amazing! He no longer has that 2pm slump at work, he says. My thinking is so much clearer now & I feel my concentration is so sharp now. My energy feels more balanced and I wake up in the morning with energy! He even encourages journaling. This book is amazing!