Biotecnología Vegetal - Biotecnología vegetal, revista científica editada por el Instituto de Biotecnología de las Plantas

Country:, North America, CU

City: -78.3361 Provincia de Camagueey, Cuba

  • papernvinyl - great box

    Nice little android box. Once I removed the Kodi that was installed & put on my own custom version, it works beautifully. Kodi may be plug & play but you still need to know how to tweak it to get the most out of it. My only real concern is if the company will provide OTA firmware/OS updates for the box. Performance-wise, it does what it's suppose but you do need to have a hi-speed internet service.

  • Donna Garrett - Great product!

    I love this product. It really works great. My complaint is that it's hard to get out of the bottle. Looks like there should be a stick in the cap to get it out, but there's nothing there. Even with hard shaking (like you're suppose to do), it doesn't come out easily.

  • Kerstin H. - Perfekt tracker for me

    30 active minutes per day for your health. With Moov Now you'll find out 😊 It is so easy. You have a 1 hour break at work - just moov. Take a walk and you're done for this day. If you want more - do the exercizes. Believe me you will sweat. And it is so easy to setup. Put it on your wrist or ankle, press it and go. Setup your daily Moov connect it to your mobile device and you can forget about it. Once a day sync it to know what you're done. For me - I love it. If you want to know how many steps you walked buy a different tracker.

  • C. J Prunty - Too unstable

    Very upset with this version of office. Previously I used Office 2010 and earlier versions on various versions of windows. I use Excel heavily, including VBA coding, use Word once in awhile, and barely use any of the other tools. The 2016 version is loaded on my new laptop with Windows 10. I was not happy about having to purchase a new computer, but my previous laptop died. I decided to go ahead and get the latest version of office. Big mistake. Excel is very flaky and is constantly crashing. I haven't even started doing any VBA coding yet. The latest updates have done nothing to fix any of my problems. Could be related to the combination of Windows 10 and this version of office, but at any rate, I am furious with it.