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  • What Gas Can Tell You | Revere Health - While most gas is natural and non harmful, excessive amounts or bloating in the stomach can be indicative of potential disorders such as ulcers or IBS.

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  • Lynne Schauble - my MS ACCESS bible

    Great resource to keep beside my computer. ACCESS is so complex it's impossible to know every capability even if you work with it everyday. This book, however, is a user friendly resource that gets me through when I'm stuck.

  • Carol Bienz - OH MY GOSH!!!

    OH MY GOSH! I bought this item just "knowing" I was going to end up having to return it. I was looking for something discreet but didn't want to sacrifice too much on the sound, comfort, or battery life and I that's just what I got. Not to mention the versatility given by being able to use it in one ear or two... I am extremely pleased with this device and highly recommend it to everyone!

  • Emily - Great floss!

    I really like this floss! Doesn't shred, cleans well and the mint flavor is nice. I will definitely buy it again.

  • Jordan - Broke after ONE use!

    Gave this to my grandmother for her craft projects. Bought it in Feb. She didn't get around to using it for almost half year due to illness, etc. Well, she has been sewing for 50+ years, using Singer I might add, too. After ONE use... And something broke. She took it to someone who fixes sewing machines and he said it wouldn't do any good because it'll cost just as much to fix it as it would to replace it. I'm an AVID Amazon user but this is the second product TODAY I am giving ONE star (both items over $100) and I'm just... Very disappointed that Amazon won't do anything about it.