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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Ro Can - Be warned

    I like the meter fine, when it works. First big problem: Ive never been able to get control solution, even after 3 requests. Second big problem: the battery lasts less than one week (!) and customer service has not been helpful at all. They have not answered my last email (which gave them information they requested to solve the battery problem) and phone support is non-existent. (There is a phone number, but its always "under maintenance," voice-mailboxes are full, and menu choices are garbled. I have other iHealth products that are terrific, and their current app update (iPhone) finally works as it should. Id like this meter to work, since I have lots of strips. But I'm not holding my breath.

  • bach99 - Fun, but a throw away

    My 6 year old son and his buddy had a great time digging out the "fossil". Once they uncovered the parts and found that it was missing a leg and the rest of the parts did not fit together, they were done. It's in the garbage now. If you think the cost is worth 15 minutes of fun then go for it. Just another poorly made toy from China.

  • Sara Hilliard - WIDE AND COMFY

    I LOVE these shoes. The first few days I wore them I had blisters, but that is normal for me with new shoes and they felt a little tight, so I was worried about that. But after a week they were nice and worn in and the BEST. They fit well and they are comfy and they give me just enough arch support. They are also wide enough for me feet, which is amazing.

  • Elainep - Great for Receipts, Not so much for Documents!

    I purchased this scanner to help me tame the paper clutter in my office. I read several reviews and comparisons between this and the Scansnap 300 by Fujitsu - which I also own and I would like to give my suggestions on which one to purchase. If you are looking for a solution to convert paper into PDF files, then I would suggest the Scansnap S300. I scanned multipage documents using both scanners and I have to say that the Scansnap is MUCH better with OCR (creation of searchable documents.)

  • Bob Roe - Hair Worse than Before for myself and my mom!!

    Both my mom and started using this at the same time about 3 months ago. I recently have noticed that my hair is breaking off and I have frizzy little ends all over. It us also a lot thinner than it has ever been in my life! I thought maybe it was just something that I was going through. But then my mom mentioned to me that She thought her hair was getting thinner!! 😠 The loss that she was experiencing is different than what she had before. Now it's in chunks! Not happy at all!! I hope this is reversable!! 😠

  • C. Wheat - Pepsi or Coke

    Asking which is better XBone or PS4 is like asking which is better Peosi or Coke? Or having the old lady ask "where's the beef?". Ou will ultimately side with the brand of your choice.

  • Selina I. Duncan - Great Book

    I bought it for my granddaughter, who loves the Guinness annual books. She was delighted and devoured it the moment she received it. Thank you.