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  • Arto - What DRM is... and why it's bad.

    For people reading these reviews who might be confused what 'DRM' stands for, it means Digital Rights Management, or essentially, copy and piracy protection.

  • EJD Fan - CPA stuff

    I have not actually cracked a book open for studying. I made this purchase in preparation of the CPA exams that I plan to study for. The books look to be in good order and are exactly as described.

  • G. Underwood - The best Tax Book

    I've been doing taxes for years and this is the best source. I tried others but found the organization, writing style, and index best with Lasser. Only complaint was the last time I checked the website was not updated for 2013, including the supplement.

  • Dani - Great product if you have realistic expectations

    I started taking this product a week ago. I have been dieting and exercising, but have been stuck on a plateau for several weeks. I continued with my program just as I had before I started taking Relacore. I figured that taking a multivitamin with several herbal ingredients surely couldn't hurt anything. I've lost an inch in my waist and started to slowly lose weight again. I think it's too soon for the herbs to have any significant effect, but I feel great, I have energy, and my hair and nails look great! If you have realistic expectations, I think you'll be successful. If you're looking for a super fat burning pill, this isn't it.