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  • Daggwood - Saved My Fish!

    I didn't cycle my tank for long enough and had a sharp nitrite spike shortly after adding my fish. Prime to the rescue! It stabilized the toxic nitrites down to safe levels by adding it daily until by biofilter caught up. I've used Prime many times in the past as a basic water conditioner, but it's properties are amazing at keeping things stable and not being able to overdose. Prime basically saved my fish!

  • Amanda - Solid debut

    Maybe I've read too many fantastic thrillers in my lifetime but this was just "meh" to me in the end. I originally was hovering between four and five stars until about the last hundred pages or so... It just got too convoluted and unbelievable. I had a theory about where Baby Cora was and I'm sad to say I was wrong, my ending would have been much more interesting.

  • Jim D. - Customer service is lacking

    Very disappointed in this company that has such a great product. Due to a fraud alert by my bank, they issued new cards. Since I was on auto pay the charges for my reoccuring order were denied. Instead of Juice Plus contacting me to fix the issue , a collections agency did demanding I pay the charges though a very stern phone call ( but that is their job since, since obviously Juice Plus thinks I’m a deadbeat ) then the colllections letter was sent. I immmediately paid the debt. The collections agency seemed to be able to contact me right off the bat, even after hours through phone and mail from the information they received from Juice plus. Juice plus couldn't seem to get the information off my original order to contact me at all. Juice Plus seemed to find my address and send me product each and every time, yet they couldn’t seem to send a letter regarding my credit card number being denied. Nope, just sent me to collections. This is not the type of company I can support. Food (Juice) for thought.

  • J. White - Poor UI

    1. The UI is really poor, I was shocked when I started using it that any company could survive this long with such a poor UI. Many controls are homemade or hacks of the Win95 (1995!!) controls, they have unusal behaviors and are very annoying:

  • Jeffrey A. Johnson - Power my spaceship this wouldn't!

    Homesick for planet Dagobah I am. Fuel for my spaceship I need. Bought this product last year I did. (To raise the funds, many years of signing autographs at Geek conferences it took me.) Hundreds of containers I purchased. Melted them I did, fuel rods to make. But, sadly, power my ship they would not. Too low-grade. So for the foreseeable future, stuck here on Earth I remain.

  • Lacy - BURN, AND STINGS, but kinda works......

    It does what it says it does, it reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs, but if you have sensitive skin like I do I would not recommend this product it made my skin start peeling off and it was slightly painful, it stung tremendously and it burned a little, if you are using this for your legs I recommend this, but not under your arms upper thighs or never on your bikini lines and if your a guy NEVER I REPEAT NEVER USE THIS ON YOUR FACE. Enjoy using this product but proceed with caution.