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  • Dempsy Winans - Fits like a glove

    I love the ergonomic fit of the handle of this knife. It fits my hand perfectly and allows me to direct some pretty serious downward pressure which is good fof breaking apart ligaments, popping knees or hip sockets open and that sort of stuff. It's a rubbery feeling material on the handle that is non-slip, an important thing when skinning a critter so you don't slip and hurt yourself.

  • Anthony - MUCH better for groups, not single players

    Maybe the regular Wii is just getting too old. I bought it new at a store, so the disk is fine. The game freezes at times and takes a while to load each song and dance. I only played Just Dance 2 and 3 before; this one is WAY faster and WAY harder to follow. I personally don't like all the online things, and I don't like the community dances (some of them aren't synced with the music very nicely) or that it spams me with messages about DLC, stats, and all that junk from the moment I put in the disk. It isn't as easy to figure out either. I couldn't really find a specific exercise option unless I make my own playlist. Plus, the overall color scheme of all the menus is just DARK...I almost feel like I'm picking music in a nightclub, but maybe that's the point? I'm not sure, but I wish the menu was a little less dark navy.

  • Jeanne Mattick - Miracle product

    This product is a miracle worker. I have already recommended it to my neighbors. I live in a high rise and get spiders on my balcony on the 53rd floor. One good spray with this product did the trick. I wish I had known about it years ago.

  • T.M.A. - Disposable vacuum cleaner

    I've purchased this vacuum twice now. The first time, it worked great until it started blowing out instead of sucking in (even though it was cleaned and assembled properly). I liked it enough that I thought I'd try again. Now, after just a year (maybe less, can't find receipt as I purchased locally) the roller doesn't work. Granted, I mainly use it on hardwood floors, but I still like this function for area rugs. Essentially, this is a disposable vacuum cleaner that works great for a short time and then stops functioning. Two different times, two different problems. What a disappointment for the money paid as well as the fact that is ends up in a landfill after only a year of use. I wouldn't recommend this product.

  • J. Mailly - No better and no worse than before

    2003 Camry with 130K miles had a very minor drip from the rear main seal. System capacity is 5.75 quarts and this bottle says it treats 6 quarts. Added the entire bottle and months later the leak persists. No better and no worse than before. Didn't work for me at all.