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  • Tacoma Guy - This is a "safe" bet!

    No longer do I worry about leaving my truck parked in a unfamiliar area and having my valuables gone when I return. I know a smash and grab is always possible, but now I feel better that any would be degenerate theif will be sorely dissapointed if they so choose to pick my truck! I can drop my iPod, Oakley's, or whatever else I don't want to carry with me in the Vault and know for sure they will be there when I get back to the truck.

  • Jason - Plan To Buy New Software Every 3 Years - They make it stop working

    I have Quickbooks Pro 2008 and they are forcing me to upgrade to 2011 if I want to keep using the program. I download banking information onto my computer from my bank. I then open the file in Quickbooks. Only now they decided to get more money out of me, so the program will not open that type of file until I upgrade to 2011. I don't need any of the new features! I use the program once a month at most. I will be looking at buying other software. This is robbery! Like selling you a car and disconnecting the power steering after three years so you will have to buy a new car.

  • Amazon Customer - Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush

    It works just like most any other curling iron. The rubbery bristles of the brush did get my hair tangled but I was able to get it undone without havng to cut my hair out. I had put too much hair in it at once. Even though they say the bristles don't get hot, they don't, but, they get very, very warm. I do like the carrying case, makes it easier to take with and not get the cord tangled. There are two pockets in the little case and both are open at the bottom of the case. You put the little comb & pick combination that comes with it on one side and the curling iron on the other side. It has a draw string closure so it's easy to get the iron in and out. I didn't use the straigtener because I already have straight hair but to unlock it is like a set of tongs and is simple and fast. It did do a good job of curling my hair and the smaller amount of hair you curl at once the better the curl you get and the longer it lasts. I used the high setting and it took about 15 seconds to get a nice curl that will last. My hair is past my shoulders, about 4 inches, so considered long and somewhat thick. There is also a low setting. The price is more than fair. I've seen some for over $100 that don't do anymore than this one does.