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  • Turn Your Home Into A Peaceful Yoga Retreat - Yoga benefits the whole body. To practice yoga you should have a clean area, minimize clutter, achieve peace and quiet, and a hard surface that let you balance.
  • How to Stay Healthy While Dieting - Set realistic goals when dieting, don't get obsessed or deprive yourself, make healthy food choices, and find a new healthy lifestyle for the long term.
  • How to Make Your Life Best With 5 Healthy Fitness Tips - Tips to prioritize your life to stay healthy. Set a schedule, get plenty of sleep, set a schedule, drink plenty of water, eat frequently but in small portions.
  • The Best Water Conservation Tools For the Farmer - How to make agricultural businesses that place a massive demand on fresh water easier with efficient irrigation apparatus, weather apps, smart soil conservation
  • How To Quit Soda and Live a Healthier Lifestyle - Tips on how to wean yourself off of soda, alternative drinks to soda,. Soda cause weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and is filled with toxic ingredients
  • “Retrofitting Your Home for Optimal Energy Efficiency!” - Make your home more energy efficient and save money. Do an energy audit, make sure have proper insulation, energy efficient doors and windows, use LED bulbs
  • How to: Nix Ungreen Habits from Your Life - To live a greener life change your bad habits to greener ones that help the environment. Use chemical-free cleaners, recycle your clothing, turn off lights.

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  • Krys - One of the kickstaters I backed.

    Not verified purchase because I backed these guys on kickstarter. Just started trying this guy out.. used to have one of those drains that has a screw keeping it in place. Removed the old drain, put this in its place, and tested it out immediately with my hair--which is thick red hair to my thighs in length. As you can imagine, it pretty much gives birth to a baby Pomeranian every time I wash it.

  • Bryan Silver - Succeeds where others fail

    I bought to repair a glass window in a convertible top when dealer said to buy a new top -- everyone online recommended this as the only bonding agent to use and I was not sorry. Not messy, easy to control with provided tips and bonds the first time. Takes a little longer to "set" than some super glues, but also seems more solid than others as well. Worth every penny.

  • Stacy Uncorked - Fun and Educational in a SmartWatch!

    The stuff for kids compared to when I was a kid is envy-worthy! This watch is so much fun, both kids keep battling it out on who gets to ‘play’ with it. And of course I want to spend some time to play with it, too – you know, feel like a kid again. ;)

  • lina - Perfect set of popular oils

    This is a fantastic set of oils for anyone wanting to try out oils for the first time or for those of us that use oils, these are some of my most frequented oils so this set is perfect for me. This set comes with 10 ml bottles. The oils included in the set are: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Tea Tree. The oils come packaged in a nice sturdy box which is perfect for wrapping and giving as a gift. At this price it would make a fantastic gift for a friend or even break up the set for stocking stuffers. This set is filled with mood enhancing oils as well as excellent healing oils. The oils are 100% natural and have no carrier oils added. These are best used if added to a diffuser and allow the oil and aromatherapy fragrances to fill the air. These oils smell amazing and I highly recommend them.