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  • Brenda - LOve

    Have used this before and it works great. I would recamend this to any one that thinks they have a urinary infection.

  • Gameadi - Isagenix Lifestyle

    This product is about cleansing and nutrition. The weight loss is an awesome byproduct. That might help put into perspective the purpose of the product. The shakes are best when you mix in fruit and other healthy additives - i put baby Kale, fresh mint and frozen mango in the vanilla and always put banana in the chocolate - makes it 'chocolateier' - i really find them sad without a banana haha. If you put the orange drink crystals in the vanilla its a bit like a creamsicle. I have finished a 30 day and a month later another 9 day and am the smallest i've been since high school (im pretty little to begin with). While the cleansing days are difficult to get your head around - for sure - I now TAKE THE TIME for myself, stay home, have quiet time, nap, whatever i feel like, with no obligations and enjoy it as much as i can - life these days really doesn't lend itself to this, I know! But why not make it a reward so you can look forward to it. I've always struggled with low blood sugar and Hanger issues when I dont eat, but now that I am used to the cleansing days i really do love them. I found I have learned, if i can not eat for a whole day, I can make better food choices the rest of the time. And if I have a treat, I make it count - high quality! Not a bag of Doritos!! :) To each their own for sure, everyone must find what works for them, i've done the master cleanse for a month - this is far easier. i now have the shakes every day for breakfast whether im cleansing or not and feel great on them. im a Pitta and blood type O if that helps! The dairy doesn't bother me, other than some sinus issues but they've mostly cleared up since i've been on the program (since February of this year). I've had some friends try it and the 9 day was really hard for them to start with as not eating while at work is difficult, but the 30 day gives you the time to get on the schedule and get some excellent eating habits, and you can cleanse on the weekend. As far as it being expensive, I find between the wine and the starbucks i've cut out, that alone probably covers the cost of the 30 day, then add in that you're only eating one whole meal a day and some fruit in your shakes or whatever. I find the quality is totally worth the price. Some 3 day juice cleanses are $300. So - that's my 2 cents. xo

  • AEvball7 - Works great!

    This is one of the coolest things to have for your kid when going out. It's easily transportable. So you know if you're out taking a walk in the park or something, you can always have it with and have someplace to seat your child for his meal. Also it takes up much less space at restaurants. Works great with the Tiny Diner Mat.

  • Carol Adair - Great value, that has added lots of joy and entertainment for the kids.

    So far the kinds are in love with these watches. The battery time seems to be more than sufficient to get them through the day with moderate use, and they seem to be able to handle a fair amount of abuse. Even for a 4 year old these things are easy enough for them to figure out and have hours of fun with. The watch seems to be adjustable for very small wrists, and overall the size and weight is not too big for smaller children to be able to manage wearing. I would say overall that these are a great deal for the forty something dollars we paid for them.

  • Amazon Customer - El Diablo in color, but a savior for business travelers and commutes

    I travel a lot for work and am always traipsing through airports and schlepping stuff around. I consider myself a bag fiend because a good commuter bag isn't cheap and it's important to get the decision right. My husband makes fun of me, but I do my research. I read tons of reviews both on Amazon and ebags and I watched Youtube bag demo videos to get a good feel. I've owned many brands of bags (Timbuk2 included) over the years and this time it came down to this one and the STM trust. I wavered and chose this one because the total price was lower with Prime shipping than the STM.

  • Leeski - multifaceted

    I have tried this product off and on for several years but want to make sure, from this point to keep some in stock. I take about a tablespoon a day and wash it down with a green smoothie...I have excellent results in lowered blood sugar and the gall bladder pain I was previously experiencing has all but disappeared. I also use it on my temples when I feel a slight headache coming on and it changes my whole disposition. I recommend this oil for those who want to increase their health benefits holistically.