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    I bought this because my instructor told me that this comes with the MYITLAB because the IBSN code is the one with a package of the textbook and access code. However, after two returns, no access code and it was more of a hassle buying it from amazon to get a cheaper price.

  • Treat - Not full-featured.

    Be aware, Nero removed the Blu-ray player in 2016 to "focus on 4K and streaming." I'm not sure, yet, where they expect you to put your 4K or streaming videos (still waiting for that reply.) So you can burn your Blu-ray, you just have to put it somewhere else to make sure it worked. This is not "as advertised." Nero 2016 Lead

  • thebearingedge - Do something else for internet TV

    Negative reviews for this product seem to talk about an overall "cheapness" to RabbitTV. Here's why.

  • 315muslimah - Muslim on the go

    I'm very happy with this app. The features are great and the calendar is the best with keeping track of Islamic dates. Thanks for putting this together

  • A. M. Shipley - Best manual transmission gear oil

    I bought this Mobil 1 gear oil to replace the factory fill gear oil in my Hyundai Accent. I had a local lube shop do the job as they charged only $25 to drain & fill and dispose of the used gear oil.

  • Tuohy - Perfect addition to my iPhone/iPad collection

    I bought the Nomad 7 and Goal Zero Plus together mainly to keep in an emergency preparedness kit, because really what good is some storage-type dried food, warm sleeping bags and a first aid kit if your iPad runs out of juice and you can't watch the latest episode of Community on Hulu.

  • Carrie D. - Fantastic!

    After wearing come too-tight high heels, I developed a soft corn between my 4th and 5th toes. The corn wasn't hard or callus like, but it had a painful core that hurt when my pinkie toe pushed the slightest amount on it. I wasn't sure these would work because it looks like it was supposed to treat hard corns on the outside of the toes. I used two of the treatment discs, changed every 48 hours, and then gave my toe a two day break from them. I took a shower and while I was drying between my toes to prep it for another treatment, the whole corn just lifted off! It looked a little gross, but its totally gone (even the core)! I am so relieved and will definitely turn to these again if I have the same issue in the future!