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  • Cyd G. Shaw - Great guide

    Everyone we met on the trip was referring to their Rick Steve's guide! His information is great! Our tour guides were all listed and were awesome, as well as one of our hotels. We used his walking tours to cover areas we did on our own....all the info was up to date and accurate. I highly recommend his travel guides!

  • Anita Iorizzo-Grazier - Lifetime Fan

    "In The Now" if you are a fan you will love this latest album from Barry Gibb and his sons. Everyone will pick their own favorite songs. For me the one that touched me the most was a surprise to me in listing. "Grand Illusion" is the one that settled my musicians soul- "Cross to Bear" was the one that filled my whole soul. "Diamonds" fill my heart and if course the one that made me smile was "Daddy's Little Girl". All on all really love this newest album from the Gibb Clan and you can feel family and the love they have for each other.

  • Benson L - It's really tear-free

    I have been using Burt's Bees shampoo & wash for 3 years on my 4 years and 2 years old daughters. They have no problem with the shampoo and it is really tear-free. The kids always move their head around while I am washing their hair and the shampoo would go to their eyes but they have never complained on any uncomfortable feeling.

  • Susan - Good quality

    I was a little worried when I read the slots didn't fit some burners, but then I looked at my old drip pans and realized they only fit on one slot, and I'd never paid attention. So I ordered these, figuring they couldn't be worse. In fact, they fit my GE range/burners perfectly. They are much heavier than the flimsy ones I replaced. The color is great; my old ones had blackened with age but you could still tell they started out silver. Better to have them be all black by design. These are perfect. Only one complaint: the price went up between adding them to my cart and actually ordering, and now only a few days later it is down again. So don't put them in your cart until you are ready to order.

  • logueme - Zero Stars

    There must have been a Nerium convention in St. Louis last week, because while waiting for my flight home it was non stop bombardment by people in Nerium shirts with before and after photos on their iPads and giving out their cards and making ridiculous claims...and every single one of the sales reps' skin looked awful with waaaaaay too much make up on. This is a total ponzi scheme and I really hope people read these reviews before they decide to purchase, and I hope the reps will get out of the pyramid and save their souls...so sad what people do for money. I am confident all 250 five stars reviews were left by marketing reps...insane there are just as many one stars...rare for any real product...I can't believe Amazon even sells this. I have not tried this product, I just wanted to share my experience at the airport because I believe it was a clear give away of this disgusting marketing scheme.

  • Lois Chaplin - They're a good set of basic knives

    I have been long overdue to upgrade my kitchen knives. After reviewing the options and reading what others had to say, I decided to go for this Everedge set. On the plus side, overall, they are such a significant upgrade and are a delight. However, I realized that I was really yearning for a good slicing knife - not a sawing action which these blades give you. Don't get me wrong - sometimes a saw is what you need - for a tomato, for example. So, I now own another set of Henkels (the Twin Signature) and between the two sets, I have a great selection of knives for the two homes I was outfitting. I'm not a professional cook, but can fully appreciate the feel of a good knife. Maybe in time I'll upgrade to pro but for now I'm very satisfied.