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  • Tawana Nicole - Knowing Where To Place Your Concentration

    If you have anxiety taking any type of test and would relax with a great study guide; helping you to prepare, than I suggest this one for the CDL test. It’s very thoroughly written and gives clear precise information that I found easy to retain based on how it is distributed. I really found the question and answer section very useful as it help me to pinpoint where I was weak at giving me the opportunity to go back and cover those areas some more. This is so much better than reading tons of notes over and over not knowing where to place your concentration; which cause the anxiety. I was provided a discounted item CDL Test Study Guide 2015-2016 during a promotion for testing and an honest unbiased review. No compensation for a positive review was provided or promised. All words contained here are based on my own experience of the item I received and used

  • Jasmine Holmes - Loved it

    This book was well worth the wait. I loved how everything played out. I'm kinda mad about maleek and a certain baby mama lol but I loved it

  • exidon - "buggy" update

    I have encountered several bugs in reports module and update module. Standard response from tech support is that they are working on it. This version was obviously rushed to market without adequate testing. Recommend not buying at this time.

  • Diane D Miller - Excellent product for our family

    We had read all the reviews before purchasing this product, but felt that this was exactly what we wanted to purchase. For our use, mainly making our will because we had the other documents already and just wanted to update our will, this was perfect! Easy process.

  • Leslie - Want a fun book to get you in the mood for the Holidays? Read this..

    What fun I had reading this book! Chipper, full-of-cheer Julia is up for her dream job and it’s between her and another person. Whoever gets the job is the person with the most followers on their blog. By a random suggestion by her best friend, Julia’s blog recounts her meetings with her grumpy neighbor Cain and her experiment to “kill him with kindness” over the holiday season. Julia was so nice she killed me with her kindness at times and I wanted to bah humbug her.

  • markymark - That is a good thing. Advise like

    Mr. Kay appears to have a thorough knowledge of these subjects he chose to enlighten us about in this novel. Maybe, this confidence in himself is what led to his appearing to be an expert about sex with his wife of many years. While he threw out many ideas of what to do in certain situations he had a very solid foundation to his conjecture that upon valid reasoning appeared to be supported in concrete. That is a good thing. Advise like: lose belly fat, lose more weight (if you're overweight), quit being a "bum" if you don't make much or any money, quit sitting around the house in your downtime and fix something, and feed the fish for a change will only increase your desirability with your wife unless you have already completely blown it or she has already found Casanova.