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  • Dave M. Shaw - Will buy again

    Have used Microsoft Streets for the past 12 years as a trucker. I use in in conjunction with my Garmin gps unite. It usually finds things that the gps unite wont. There are a few things that Microsoft could improve on, such as the options of using toll roads or not when figure out a given route.

  • mbernards - Received it and within the first 10 minutes of play ...

    Received it and within the first 10 minutes of play, two of the balls totally broke right in half. Had to replace the one I received initially. The second one we received stopped working less than 45 days after received. And we only used it a couple times a week.

  • Abigail E. Allen - Chubby from a back injury

    I took this. It made me feel full at dinner. I couldn't eat much at all.. not even a reasonable amount. Then in a few hours I was freaking - shaking from needing food.. I couldn't take more pills because it wasn't a mealtime and also I knew I needed nutrients. Because my body was freaking out I ate more than normal. I am not a big eater anyway so this isn't really my solution. This is good maybe for a overeaeter or binger who can't control their eating habits but what happens when it wears off? Should I have popped some more? I never feel hungry like that.. I was shaking. Just eat high fiber foods and you actually will give yourself nourishment and not feel over hungry.