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Family Practice Olean, NY | Allergy, Cardiologist, Gynecology Specialist - Olean Medical Group's family practice serves the WNY area. We have allergy, cardiologist, OB/GYN, pediatric, & cancer doctors on board. Make an apt. today!

  • http://oleanmedicalgroup.com/services/ Pediatric Doctor Olean, NY | Allergy & Cardiologist Specialist - Come to Olean Medical Group for premium care in the Olean, NY area. We specialize in many practices, such as allergy, cardiology, pediatrics & gynecology.
  • http://oleanmedicalgroup.com/services/specialties/ Gynecologist Specialist Olean, NY | Cancer & Pediatric Doctor - View our medical specialties at Olean Medical Group serving the WNY region. We're proud to offer allergy, pediatric, OB/GYN, cardiology, & cancer treatment.
  • http://oleanmedicalgroup.com/about-us/ About Olean Medical Group | Cancer, Pediatric, Allergy Doctor - Learn about Olean Medical Group and what medical services we have to offer for the WNY area. Make an appointment at one of our offices today!
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    This is most definitely the BEST tattoo lotion I have ever used. What I LOVE about it is that you can use it From start to finish, meaning that you can begin using it the day you get your ink! Usually you have to start with some else (like ink fixx aftercare ointment) until the tattoo begins to heal then you switch to a lotion. Well this is ALL YOU NEED. Colors stay bright, it heals amazingly, I never peeled at all! It was recommended to me by my tattoo artist in Miami (who does Tattoos for many celebrities) and he recommends NOTHING but after inked. It is a bit expensive but SO worth it if you want your tattoo to stay vibrant!

  • Hope K - Can't Tell

    I honestly don't know if this stuff works or not. I sprayed it where the mold was in the bathtub, left it for awhile, then tried scrubbing it away. It removed maybe 60-70% of the mold. But, I don't know if that 60-70% is due to the spray's enzymes effectively working, or the scrubbing I was furiously doing.

  • m coupland - disapointed & a waist of time

    Purchased for my business. Iteam did not woek. Company did refund my money. But now I have to purchase a diffrent printer with a brand name since this purchase was a waist of my time.

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    I've bought this item before and I've noticed a few things everytime I use it. First, I have more energy than I normally have whenever I drink coffee or energy drinks. Plus you don't get the crash afterwards since it's not loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Don't be intimidated by the nutrition information on the back. Throughout the day, we use and expel nutrients so it's good to have something that can last you whenever you're working or active on other activities.