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OII Australia - Intersex Australia - Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited - OII Australia is a national body by/for people with intersex variations. We promote human rights and bodily autonomy, and provide information, education and peer support. Our goals are to help create a society where sex differences are not stigmatised. Intersex variations are also known as differences of sex development, and pathologised as disorders of sex development or DSD.

  • https://oii.org.au/allies/ Intersex for allies - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - Intersex for allies Download PDF version. Download CMYK version for high quality print (A4, roll fold to DL). Who are intersex people? Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that do not fit stereotypical definitions for female or male bodies. Many different forms of intersex exist; it is an umbrella term, rather than a single…
  • https://oii.org.au/parents/ Your child: intersex for parents - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - We hope that this page will be helpful to you if you have a new baby, or if you're planning a pregnancy, or you've recently discovered that your child has an intersex variation, sometimes called a
  • https://oii.org.au/employer/ Employers' guide to intersex inclusion - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - OII Australia is proud and delighted to partner with Pride in Diversity to publish the Employers' guide to intersex inclusion. Written by Morgan Carpenter and Dawn Hough, the guide is kindly sponsored by IBM. Download the Employers' guide to intersex inclusion (PDF). A world-first, the guide presents information about intersex for employers, including: An introduction…
  • https://oii.org.au/style/ Style guide: on intersex and terminology - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - Intersex is a form of biological diversity Intersex people are born with physical sex characteristics that don’t fit medical norms for female or male bodies. These include a diverse range of genetic, chromosomal, anatomic and hormonal variations. More about defining intersex. Bonnie Hart, Morgan Carpenter, a parent and a clinician talk with SBS TV.Watch on…
  • https://oii.org.au/18106/what-is-intersex/ What is intersex? Defining intersex - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - This page presents a range of international and Australian definitions of intersex. They demonstrate the innate physical nature of intersex variations, and how our diverse range of sex characteristics differ from typical norms for 'male' or 'female'. They frequently recognise how intersex people have a diversity of identities, including gender identities. Working definition As a…
  • https://oii.org.au/demographics/ Demographics - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - The diversity and demographic characteristics of intersex people are not widely understood. An independent 2015 survey of 272 people born with atypical sex characteristics has provided us with good statistical information for the first time. The survey was led by Dr Tiffany Jones of the University of New England, and it published in February 2016.…
  • https://oii.org.au/24241/public-statement-by-the-third-international-intersex-forum/ Public statement by the third international intersex forum - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - Read this statement in other languages: Chinese by Oii-Chinese 國際陰陽人組織 — 中文版 Dutch/Nederlands analysis by NNID English on the Intersex Day site English on the Advocates for Informed Choice blog (USA) English on the ILGA-Europe site French/Français by OII Francophonie German/Deutsch by Intersex Austria (Facebook) German/Deutsch by OII Germany Serbian by Gayten-LGBT Spanish/Castellano, via Día…
  • https://oii.org.au/20042/on-requests-for-research/ Including intersex in research studies and surveys - OII Australia - Intersex Australia - OII Australia has historically received a large volume of requests for research subjects, and requests to promote research surveys seeking intersex participants. While we wish to help in any research that benefits people with intersex variations, we have had to issue advice on intersex inclusion, and implement the following policies in respect of such requests.…

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