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Oak HC/FT - Oak HC/FT is a premier venture growth equity fund investing in Healthcare Information & Services and Financial Services Technology.

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  • http://oakhcft.com/team/annie-lamont/ Annie Lamont - Managing Partner - Oak HC/FT - Annie Lamont is a Managing Partner of Oak HC/FT where she focuses on growth equity and early-stage venture opportunities in Healthcare Information & FinTech

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  • I<3Amazon_Prime - Don't Buy It!

    After reading all the glowing reviews for this product, I decided to buy it. Never being a smoker, nor drinking/eating many staining foods (soda, wine, etc.) I was hoping that this would create a brilliant white effect. After first use, I was impressed by how smooth and clean my teeth felt (just like at the dentist--and true to other reviews), but that's where the impression stopped. I've used it twice daily for a month now and cannot tell that my teeth have whitened whatsoever. I should have saved my money and bought strips instead! You should do likewise.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like it but it's not an everyday thing for me

    I generally wear untinted sunscreen only so this stuff offers some significant coverage. I sometimes mix it with untinted sunscreen to lessen the coverage. I really like it but it's not an everyday thing for me.

  • BeemerGrl720 - Felt rushed

    I'm a total fan of Harry Potter but this book was not that great. It felt rushed and most recipes were repeated from the actual cookbook. It was free to download tho so that's good.

  • Frank's girl - Scion xD Armrest

    Highly recommend this seller! The product arrived on time and was very easy to install. It has made driving longer distance much easier now that I have a place to rest my arm.

  • Amazon Customer - He knows the show and all the characters and the puzzle is fun for him to put

    My 3 1/2 year old grandson just loves this puzzle. He knows the show and all the characters and the puzzle is fun for him to put together

  • Nathan Glenn - The Install Kit rhat you want

    This Scosche unit is exceptional. There are two choices if u are adding an aftermarket stereo to your c5 camaro, this and a Metra. Both look noce but this u6mit just looks better. This unit adds a touch screen for operation of the air conditioning and programming of the unit.

  • Nakagawa - Just what the doctor ordered!

    It is so nice to have extra check registers with so many atm/debit card transactions and hardly any checks. These check registers fit in the check cover perfectly. This was a great purchase.