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  • cocii - Finally someone has THEE Answer for America

    I got a pre-release copy of this book and after reading the back cover first - which asks not to thumb through the book but start from the first page on - I lived an emotional roller coaster. I kept thinking there is no way the author found an answer - BUT HE DID. AND not just one answer but several. I have never ever been so excited about a book because it gave me a game plan. Something "I" could do. So many other books talk about their answer but it's too overwhelming. This author has made some astounding discoveries and when pieced all together in a time line, your jaw will drop. You have got to read what 'the powers to be' are planning for our youth - it will make you sick! Don't just buy one copy, buy several and get everyone reading them at the same time so you can gather later and start making plans. Things are in place NOW for these solutions to work - you need to get this book in everyone's hands.

  • JackOfMostTrades - 1/3 very good; 1/3 OK; 1/3 not so good

    That writers still compose short stories is a wonder in itself. This year's anthologist admits a 'best' book of this type is primarily meant to celebrate and promulgate the particular form. With this in mind, I don't think the selections did a great deal of service to this end.

  • lmdaddy - slow speed & hate token system!

    Very disappointed with this purchase! The LeapPad is very slow. It takes too long for the games to load or for your child's profile to load. The camera feature is nice but also very slow. You click the "shutter" and it takes several seconds before the picture is captured which usually means the picture wanted was missed. The worst part is that you have continually connect the tablet to your computer to an awful application that rarely works. You have to connect in order to redeem tokens which are needed to play the games on the tablet. Also, even though you redeem the tokens, the correct amount doesn't show up on the tablet. For instance, I got tired of connecting to the computer every day since the application mostly freezes up. While connected, I redeemed 150 tokens worth of items for my child's games. The tokens were subtracted from her account, but only 10 tokens' worth of items transferred to the tablet for her use/enjoyment. I am seriously considering returning it, but it sometimes keeps my child away from my iPhone.

  • J. Miller - Excellent light; ultimately returned due to not liking the interface.

    An excellent light, and the extras in the kit were great. I loved the tint and beam shape, and the overall brightness was good. It feels A bit large for my taste, but durability felt good.