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  • Gordon C. Duus - This is the best film version of the Dickens classic.

    As a big fan of this Charles Dickens classic, I have seen virtually every film version. Without question, this is the best of the lot. Alastair Sim as Scrooge gives one of the most memorable acting performances on film. Every character, no matter how small, is played by an English character actor. It's hard to imagine how the acting could be improved upon--it's that good. And although it was filmed in 1951, the use of black and white and the high quality of the photography and scenery make it easy to believe you are seeing Victorian London (avoid the colorized version). This film is underrated despite its well-deserved fame.

  • Swank Ivy - A mixed bag, but there's some tasty Zim in here

    Zim is drinking a "poop" juice box on the Hot Topic edition cover of this comic and that's about all you need to know.

  • thia - buy Swiffer but not their wet or dry pads; use microfiber pads

    I move to a 1000 sq ft apatment with almost all white tiles and it was so difficult to clean. I needed something and thought the Swiffer would help. Their wet pads just pushed dirt all over, left dirt lines and didn't even clean around the grout lines even though I went through the area first with the dry pads for dirt. I would go through ~10 wet pads to "clean" my floors plus I would then have to go over the entire floor with my mircofiber towels. That did the job so I thought if I can replace their pads with a microfiber pads, it might work so I went on Amazon and found a microfiber cleaning pad, Tersano cleaning cloths and they fit the Swiffer head snuggly, not the XL. It works!!! I don't have to continuously buy the chemical or dry pads to fill our landfills. The Tersano cloth pads are washable and because it thicker and absorbent, it cleans much better and doesn't deposit dirt in the floor grouts. The investment in the Tersano pads was ~$6.00 and the original Swiffer starter kit was ~$11; not bad considering a typical sponge mop is ~$18 and are horrible on tile. Buy the Swiffer but don't waste money or time with their wet or dry pads.

  • Linzlee - Great product & insurance covers it!

    I reserved the last star because of the price. My husband and I make great money (not WIC qualified) but cannot afford to spend $320+ on formula a month for our 14 week old. Our story: baby had to be supplemented with similac regular formula from week 2 because I was not producing how much he wanted to eat and still can't (he wanted about 3oz in the first week each feeding and after 7weeks old wanted around 6 oz). Over the next few weeks, baby was having bloody diapers with forest green poo and mucus. Our pediatrician diagnosed him with a milk allergy and told us to stop breastfeeding and go solely Alimentum. This was a shock and I'll admit I only took part of her advice - I went on a dairy free diet and supplemented my EBM with the Alimentum around 7 weeks old. He is now 14 weeks old, a growing by in the 98th percentile height and 50th percentile weight (his parents are over 6 foot) and he is so different now! No bloody poo and back to greenish yellow, very rarely fussy, does not spit up as much during and after feedings, doesn't arch his back in pain, sleeps through the night, and is just overall a very happy baby! Happiness and health should always be priority. Also, just recently found out my BCBS PPO insurance plan covers Alimentum under my prescription benefits and we only have to pay a 45% copay - even better!

  • Jen L - I loved it!!

    I loved it. I tend to read reviews just to see what people are saying, and on Goodreads I was surprised! I had read some reviews where people just didn't like the characters for different reasons. I had read this book quite a while ago and couldn't remember characters stories at first, but they came back to me quickly. I thought they were believable (if you believe in the paranormal) and their actions understandable. I don't normally re-read books, but like the anniversary edition of the 1st book, this book had so much more new information. Awesome book and awesome series!!

  • Ralph D. Lewis - Intuit Payroll Makes My Life Easier

    "I like how I don't have to keep up on all the latest new tax law changes, because Intuit does it for me. I find it really easy to use too. I hated doing payroll and knowing the taxes to follow, so with this program it makes it so much easier for me. My bookkeeper would spend hours working on payroll, but now she doesn't. Intuit always reminds me of the new laws and changes too. It's worth the money for the piece of mind knowing my payroll is correct".


    I paid full price for this printer and had high hopes for it. I'm still on the fence about whether to keep it or return it. I'm a Realtor and wanted to print flyers. While the ink bottle advantage is indisputable, FORGET DOUBLE-SIDED PRINTING! At least 40% of the double-sided prints are unusable, page 2 is almost always messed up. It cost me a good stack of wasted high-quality paper until the light bulb went off above my frustrated head: Print a stack of page 1, flip it (or actually, put it back in the paper tray facing up) and then print the same quantity of page 2. HUGE DIFFERENCE! The quality and color density is so much better, and it prints faster but you have to be there to handle it; there is no clicking "print 200 double-sided pages" and walk off to do something else. The tray holds very little paper. Also, every time you put the one-sided prints back into the tray, remember to pull out the paper landing extension so your prints don't trip and fold over each other.