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  • Lisa D - Acne and melasma attention!!!!

    I purchased the Basic Beauty set(100) from Dinair website and was really kinda shocked that I had to pay 70 can dollars for S&H :( to canada. When I got it i thought it better be worth the S&H expenses. So I unbowed it and gave it a try the next day.....

  • Barbara A. Welsh - Stay Healthy

    I have used this product for the past 4 years. I haven't had any colds or flu since. I also have noticed if I have a minor cut or bruise, my body heals quicker. In the past I received Juice Plus directly from the company but I don't like having something automatically deducted from my charge acct., so I canceled and started ordering from Amazon. The price is the same.

  • UnknownCuber - Don't lube it.

    When i got this cube it turned extremely smooth and as days went by it began to turn smoother and smoother. The corner cutting is great (line to line). The stickers are awesome shades and I really like them. The only thing I don't like about this cube is that it isn't adjustable. When I got it I tried to pull the center caps off but they are glued on. Also, it has rivets instead of screws so it wouldn't be adjustable even if i did get the caps off. One more thing, DO NOT LUBE THIS CUBE!!!! When i got this cube it turned extremely smooth. The second i lubed it, it became really bad turning and awful. I worked in the lube for several days and it still turned bad. Overall I would recommend this to cube anyone.

  • mrbungess - It's great but sadly no digital key or download.

    It's reasonably priced and let's me toy with all the enterprise features I may need. No digital download, you must wait for the physical disc.

  • Ulysses - Be careful if you have tooth problem

    I have MTHFR mutation problem, and need to take Methyl B12. To get better absorption of B12, I was advised to keep the lozenge between teeth and lip for a few hours. however, this is a big mistake,and almost killed my teeth, and made my tooth decay quickly much worse. This quite possibly caused by the ingredients in B12 such as citric acid or something else . after stop using this B12, my tooth problem stopped. Right now I'm using Methyl B12 patch instead, and I believe it's much safer than this product.

  • Mike - Well made and EZ

    This the 3rd chin strap I have tried and by far the best. The others would stretch out or were uncomfortable to the point of not being usable. This is made very well, much heavier duty than the others. It is simple to put on and stays in place. My only negative is the ear holes could be bigger, but I just adjusted how I wear it. IMO the best of the lot

  • Michelle Lee - Great product!

    I absolutely love it. I can't tell if I lost inches off my waist yet, but it does make you sweat ONLY when you start working out. You cannot use this product and sit down and wait for it to kick in, no. You have to put in the work! I use it with the waist trimmer and I love both. The waist trimmer stays in place while I run and jump in the gym! Will continue to buy