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  • Peter Mccann - Buy from Sage and You Will Regret It

    As a 15 year Sage Peachtree customer, I am at the end of my rope. We have been over billed and under serviced to the point that we have to find another vendor. The last time there was a Federal withholding change, it took nearly 2 months for the update to arrive, so we had to manually calculate our payroll withholding amounts during that time. Our last invoice was for $862.00, due to a mandatory "upgrade". On inquiry, I found that Sage had added over $200.00 for a "premium package" that we did not ask for or want. Sage is now refusing to sell a standalone payroll updates that were available when we initially bought the software. Customers are now forced to buy an extortionately expensive renewal. They have also removed the feature that allows users to manually update withholding rates, so they have you over a barrel. Sage is also requiring bank account or credit card access so the can auto-debit whatever amount they come up with every year, before you can even review the amount. Since it is a time consuming mess to change accounting programs, I called Sage today to inform them of my concerns, and offer them the opportunity to retain us as a customer. The sales agent became defense and obstinate when I asked to escalate the call to a manager, transferring me instead to another 15 minute hold, only to find I had been transfered to a call center in the Philippines that was completely unable to help, stating that I should call the sales department back. Not being one who has 30 minutes of valuable time to waste, I decided to provide potential customers with an idea of what they can expect from Sage. I searched Facebook for the Sage page, but it is down. Their Canadian page is up, and has comments from equally frustrated customers.

  • E. Roy - PC Tools Registry

    A good utility for cleaning up after using so many applications that say they are good products, but leave behind a lot of junk in the registry, files, etc. that you might not realize are there. Run it occasionally to do house cleaning....

  • Jennie Beysolow - I see the growth. Drink lots of water though ...

    I see the growth. Drink lots of water though. The biotin can make you break out without lots of water

  • Heather - Gorgeous, long-lasting, glossy color; removal takes practice

    Just removed my first manicure with this kit. 9 full days of wet-glossy, absolutely perfect looking nails, and I am hard on my hands so that is impressive! The application process takes a bit longer than regular polish, but there's zero time spent waiting for it to dry (it really IS cured/dry as fast as the kit says, and you can go about your business without worrying you'll smudge or scuff your nails)...and you get so much more wear out of this than regular polish, so that's a huge amount of time saved that you'd otherwise spend redoing your manicure/pedicure (if you're like me and you have to redo it the minute you get a smudge and they don't look perfect anymore). :) Capping the nail is definitely important; I'd also add that gel polish works better on longer nails. Mine were trimmed fairly short - they did not extend past my fingertips, which made the application challenging because it was really hard to cap each nail without getting the gel on my skin. If your nails are shorter you'll need to be careful to use the wooden stick to remove any gel from your skin BEFORE you cure it.

  • Jessicareads - I had high hopes for this book.

    I had a hard time getting into this story. It is a very dark and taboo story of love and sex between a step daughter and step father. I finished the book but it was difficult to stay with it. This is the first book I have read by this author. I was given this book for an honest review.