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  • IBX Commitment to Supplier Diversity was $238 Million in 2014 - Independence Health Group commitment to supplier diversity led to $238 million dollars being contributed to the economy in 2014.

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  • Onepoorguy - appropriate for the Nexus 6P

    We ordered this specifically for the Nexus 6P. The one that came with the phone was lost during some traveling so we needed to replace it. This charger so far has worked perfectly with the 6P. The phone indicates "charging rapidly" when plugged-in, and the charging is in fact very fast. This unit seems to be comparable to the one that came with the phone. The box it came in say "lifetime warranty", so what more can you ask?

  • Old Finn - Very penetrating insights into our nation.

    The author takes a searching look, based on good data at how our nation is being polarized between the elite 1 or 5% who he demonstrates have the "power" and the lower 30% (economically). I was not surprised to read how the elites operate, segregate themselves. What was startling was the deterioration and demoralization of the lower 30% in our society. By avoiding race as an issue, he points out some striking facts, which do not become side-tracked by the issues of racial politics. Chilling. A must-read if you have any concern about where our nation is headed, with no political polemics to obscure the discussion. This book is not about politics, but a shocking look at what has happened while we were not paying attention. His notations, scholarship are impeccable. He writes well, smoothly, as it were. Buy this book and encourage all your literate friends to do likewise.

  • hrn22 - Hoping for the best!

    Arrived yesterday, so I have took one last night and another this morning. There is literally no taste to this. Powder almost dissolves completely, but I have to keep stirring as I am drinking to get it completely dissolved. Hopefully it works!!!

  • James L Puthuff - I love this Antivirus program

    I'm a Computer Consultant and I use WEB Root for all my clients. It's up-to-date and it keeps virus, Trojans, and malware out of every computer I use it on. I've tried other antivirus programs and this is the one I like best. I would purchase from this vendor again and would recommend this site to my friends and associates.

  • David - This matress is pretty nice. It's great to have a king size ...

    This matress is pretty nice. It's great to have a king size matress and my wife not wake up when I come in to bed after she is already asleep. I'm not sure how it compares to other things I've recently seen like the Ghost mattress and any other king size mattress, but this one did have a 100 day return policy,and I don't see us returning it due to any comfort issues.

  • Amazon Customer - Worst decision for water heating

    Like everyone, the concept of on demand hot water is great. We build houses and used three of these units in the last series for in floor heat and domestic use. One of these we built for ourselves. Since the installation we have done nothing but have technicians repair, reset and fix leaks. Our house is constantly without hot water and our other home purchasers have had the same issues. We even had one unit replaced, same issues and a lot of problems with warranty and support.