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  • Joan - This is fantastic piece of gear

    This is fantastic piece of gear. It allowed me to monitor a cottage 125 miles away without connecting to the internet nor the landline company. Price @ $240 was reasonable, and the cost to monitor (all via cell) was less than $60 for the 5 months a year I worry about potential freeze-ups. If a 6th star was available, I'd give it to them. Proof of its efficacy, a workman tripped a circuit breaker, didn't reset it, and I got a text message power was off. Neighbor checked and found the Marcell blinking green (it turned out to be on its internal battery, the heat was on, and all o.k. The Marcell still showed the power to be out. Next day I checked with my contractor, he went back to the site, reset the breaker, and I got a text that the power was on.

  • Elizabeth C. Farina - It works if you do your part....

    This is the 3rd time I've used this product, & it has worked every time. The 1st time I lost 9.8lbs in 10 days, 2nd time 6.4 lbs in 10 days, 3rd time 7.2lbs in 10 days. My problem is, it's a tough diet, & you have to stick it out for the 21 days plus the 3 days after without the drops, & then a modified version for 3 weeks after so you don't gain the weight back. I'm going to try again after the New Year, when there is not so many events and temptations in my way. But if you need to lose weight fast, this works for me every time. The product has almost doubled in price since I first used it, but it is still worth it to me! And I'm a 46 year old female, so losing weight is pretty tough

  • Joy 1996 - Disappointed

    This was my first time using this product and I wasn't too happy with the results. I had trouble trying to get the strips to stick and cling to the wall surface. I got so disgusted trying to get them to stick till I resort to using super glue. All the holiday and TV hype about these hanging strips didn't live up to my expectation.

  • Ran Man from Ohio - The truth unveiled!

    A Friend of Medjugorje reveals a wealth of facts and information about our Nation and where it is going. More importantly, this book provides answers! That is what is needed more than ever today! Many of us are feeling more and more paralyzed with the attacks upon our Religious freedom and God given Constitutional rights. After reading this book, you will have the knowledge of what needs to be done and you will be motivated to take action. This book puts it all together for us. "They Fired The First Shot 2012" will give you new hope that you will want to share with everyone!

  • Pam in San Jose - The Island Heritage calendars are so beautiful. I try to purchase at least 2 every ...

    The Island Heritage calendars are so beautiful. I try to purchase at least 2 every year. You look at the pictures and wish you were there!

  • HLTJR - The length of this wiring harness is great. The description is perfect as well as instructions

    The length of this wiring harness is great. The description is perfect as well as instructions. Would recommend this product for future lighting projects . Installed on 2011 Polaris Ranger 500 EFI

  • Beau Miller - Renewing Norton 360

    I had problems trying to download and install this Program since I already had an old version of it on my computer. "That was probably a big mistake on my part since I was basically just upgrading the program" So call Amazon before you buy so you know the best way to handle it even if you have other norton products.