Naturains - Let me show you how you can cleanse your bowels and detox all that filth. Feel renewed and fresh like never before!

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  • Steven Hallett - From what they said the game is amazing, and having played most of the Battlefield games ...

    The only downside to this is actually waiting for the package to arrive, since it has the key I need to get the game installed. Right now my friends are playing since they got their keys from GreenManGaming. As it stands I will be hurrying to download the 47 gigs of data once I get home so I can get to gaming with my friends. From what they said the game is amazing, and having played most of the Battlefield games I have no doubt they're right.

  • Cadence S. - A step up from my previous security software.

    I was a McAfee Internet Security Suite user before converting to Kaspersky. The claims that this program runs on cats feet in the background are not ill founded. Either that or my PC is a beast and wouldn't be affected even if the software was grossly inefficient. I am willing to accept the former as the truth. The protection is pretty solid from what I read in other reviews as well, however I have no way of testing it because I am leery of the idea of seeking out online threats in order to see if I am getting my money's worth in choosing this product. The price can't be beat either, a full year of protection on 3 PCs for what you would pay for it here on Amazon (because I don't know if the price has changed as of the posting of this review) is a pretty sweet deal.

  • Joseph Criniti, Jr. - Great Knife

    Strong knife, extremely sharp, and a very nice sheath. I keep this as a backup on me evac bag, and have used it more than once. Very reliable. The sheath has an adjustable clasp on the sides, so you can change how tightly the sheath holds the blade, it took me a day to realize it was there, but now that I know how to use the blade will never fall out again.

  • Amazon Customer - Disgusting taste.

    Ugh! This tasted disgusting. It left a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. It was like mixing a cup of Splenda or artificial sweetener into my almond milk. Think I'll stick to Bobs Red Mill whey protein. Also they send a huge container that's only half full.