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  • Luz Johanna Rivera - good sleep aid

    After a long day, all we need is a good sleep, so i try this bio life sleep aid. Easy to take it, i use to do with water. I like it, because help me a lot to sleep. I sleep very good, comfortable, and wake up like new. All about this product and directions are well explained in the bottle. I read about it, and all ingredients are naturals and safe. The best of all, and something that i really like it, is that is non-habit forming. No side effects. I just take it when i feel that i cant sleep. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Kindle Customer - Big Just Dance fan

    I like this game in a whole. It is much better to do on the kinects because you actually have to move all your body to bet the points. Unlike the Wii where you have to have a remote. Its just more accessible.

  • rbrockfr - A significant improvement over 2012

    2012 First aid was absolutely full of errata and had a fairly useless index and table of contents. Most purchasers would cut the binding and have it rebound in spiral- so that they could add notes and bookmark area to get past the poor index.

  • Travis - Bang for the buck!

    If you are looking for $400 software driven DVR system, this item is not for you. If you are looking for something basic to record up to 4 channels, look no further! I see a lot of reviews about this item where the person is demanding/expecting all sorts of features,its a $10 product! It installed with no hitches at all, within 3 minutes up and running and recording (Win XP). Mine came set to PAL, so be sure to check your settings. I recorded over 8hrs last night and it came out to a 2 gig avi file. During the day recording, it seems the files will be smaller. The software is very basic, you have your 4 channels and a few options off to the side mostly snapshot/picture stuff. I got this for under $15, and it does the most important thing....record with great quality(camera permitting).

  • tristaw - AMAZING

    I'm taking the test a second time since I didn't get in with my first scores. I LOVE IT!!! The test are modeled just like the actual test. If you can't afford the bundle just get the PAT and math section. I also, like how it breaks down on what sections you need to work on. It makes you work harder and it gets you ready for the actual test.

  • Dog Owner - not for older folks with dexterity issues

    Can't get the battery cover off. I am older and just not strong enough to get it to work. However I did take great joy in throwing the dang thing as hard as I could on the sidewalk. Battery cover still didn't open. :(