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  • Karolyn Caldwell - Hallmark Card Studio Delux 2014

    Awful cards. I send cards to the neighborhood kids and to the church shut-ins, and there IS NOT one card that I could send to them, as they are to junenile ot to sexy.

  • Hiiiiiiiiii - Two thumbs up from a normal person

    I had a great experience with this cleanse. I was looking for a way to stop eating so much junk to eating cleaner and this was a great transition for me. The 13 pound weight loss wasn't bad either! I fully expected to gain weight back since it's mostly water weight. I have gained some back but more importantly it set the stage for a healthier lifestyle. The taste of the shakes isn't bad... it's not great but I didn't find myself getting sick of them. I will admit that I dumped the ionic elements down the drain. They were disgusting, made the shake taste terrible and I have no idea what they were supposed to do anyway. After the cleanse was done, I had about 1/3 of the shake powder left so I'm using that as part of the transition plan until it runs out. Also, as other people have noted... watch out for day 3. If you can work from home or make sure day 3 falls on a weekend, I'd recommend that! I would definitely do this cleanse again!