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  • Justin B. - Too much work for the little it does.

    I bought this because my lights have a weird hue all over them. I've seen this advertised and figured I would give it a try. Boy was I surprised with the amount of work it takes to "restore" headlights. Between sanding, adding a solution, sanding, adding a solution, buffing and then more solution I said screw it. I gave it to a friend who actually used it and it did not make a difference. The problem with these "restore" kits is that the light is not messed up on the outside of the headlight but on the inside where you can't really get to it. So all of these kits don't actually get to the root of the problem. Over all I would rather spend the money for new head lights.

  • ktpo - Good price for an easy-to-use product

    I had been getting "Shellac" manicures at salons and was excited to try the Sensationail home system. I think most stores stock the Red and Raspberry ones normally but I prefer a more subtle look so I went with this French Manicure one.

  • Spencer - Just okay

    I had high hopes for this considering the feedback. I was not impressed for the cost it was. The cushioning and fabric are comfortable for the child, cup holder is nice, and it does steer nice. The front wheels at times do vibrate and the plastic wheels do not make this a very smooth ride. For the price I was hoping the wheels would have been rubber. I don't consider this any better than a Chicco. I am keeping this stroller and it will work fine for us, but for other potential buys I do believe you are paying the high price for the name only.

  • Sweet Doodle - Soy product, couldn't return. Won't use Visalus again

    This stuff is full of soy and drove my skin crazy, MADE ME BREAK OUT AND ITCH. Only had a short return window and I was stationed overseas so I was stuck with the product. I could only return it for a credit, which would do me no good as all of their products I am allergic to from their ingredients. Terrible, don't recommend. And it's just like shakeology and every other product, not some miracle thing that will make you miraculously lose weight unless you're crazy obese to begin with.

  • Marcella - Container is a little annoying, product is good

    Good shea butter - feels like it's actually unrefined, and managed to keep some of that buttery yellow colour I've come to expect. The container is really super cheap, but it is sealed with an airtight foil top, which is nice. It's a plastic container that's a bit hard to get the actual product out of - especially since mine had sat in cooler weather for a few days, and was rock hard. My solution - boil some water, stick a knife in, let it heat. Dry it really well, then cut out chunks of the shea butter to use.

  • June1 - What Planet am I on???

    Wow! I must have fallen into Kinky Curly land where every one has fallen in love with the Kinky Curly god. What is so great? I bought the shampoo, conditioner, curling custard, spritz, AND pomade, and I must admit that at first I thought that I really had something good. I would say I have 4a hair. I was initially disappointed because even though the products defined my curl, it still remained in an afro shape, not laying as I had seen in many (all) of the videos (and I looked at quite a lot). But again, the curl was much more defined. I initially put a pretty good amount on, following the directions, making sections and applying to dripping wet hair. My hair took almost two days to dry! Now that is ridiculous! My hair was a little crisp when it dried so I applied a small amount of the pomade which did it's job with no problem. While in the drying stage I also found the back of my hair to be quite gummy. Hmmm, wet and gummy, great. About the third day I tried the Spritz which only added to the gumminess. I decided to try the product again but this time I would use less. I did and found that the product still took about 8 hours to dry and when it did my hair was defined in parts and not defined in others, and again I had the gummies. I could go on but, why? For me the thing is this, some day (hopefully soon) some one will come out with a product that can work well with kinky (type 4) hair. My curly wavy sisters, this product maybe great for you but I have a thumbs down for kinky sisters. Use the shampoo, use the conditioner, but leave the curly creme and the spritz for those in the curly-wavy section.

  • Jeremiah - a good deal

    I have been buying Lutein from naturally plus that cost $100+ a bottle. I decided to try this for a fraction of the cost as from a multi-level marketing company and compare. It has the same ingredients, the pills look the same size and shape as my previous brand. The naturally plus brand has 19mg of Lutein in 3 soft gels. This brand has 20mg in two capsules! This is enough to get me to switch over to this brand it has a good amount of Lutein and it is cheaper compared to other quality brands. It also contains other beneficial vitamins for the eyes.