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  • Kindle Customer jim the sceptic - Truth?

    So much information I want to research further. Want to read volume 2. So much of the holocaust seems verifiable

  • Mary - She done it again!!!!!

    Bella is Amazing!!!!! She is one of my favorite authors!!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book!! It was clever, surprising, and just a good, easy read. This can easily be the next best movie. I can not wait for book two. I just fell in love with the characters. Violet is Amazing, definitely a strong female role, who you just love. And Veggo one hunk of a strong man!!!😍😍😍 Two very different worlds. A very crazy, and surprising ending to book one. Romance, thrill, lie's, deception, and some pro fighting, murder ( there is blood shed,) funny, it has it all!!! Well done Forrest!!!👏👏👏👏 A must read. Have fun going on a new Journey!!!!

  • John M. - I'm pleased with the results

    I was reluctant to use this at first because I didn't want to mess my truck up. I had a few deep and light scratches on my tailgate. The light scratches I just used the paste and the deep I used the sandpaper that comes with it. Overall I would say it removed 80%+ of the scratches. I'm pleased with the results. I highly recommend.

  • T&C - okay bike, not what I expected

    The bike was shipped and delivered as expected. Assembly was fairly easy but no instructions. The quality of the parts are just fair. The gold on the rims wears off when braking. Overall a decent bike but I wouldn't highly recommend it.

  • K. Washington - Like the conditioner! Hate the Shampoo!!!

    My husband and I purchased the shampoo and conditioner together from BJ's. I have hated using the shampoo! I honestly have used many products but this shampoo has been the worste! It leaved my hair so dry, stiff and hard! The conditioner smells so great and feels so nice, but is not a good detangler at all. I have to comb it in very small sections! If you are looking for something to detangle your hair...RUN! I now am using the rest of whats left in the conditioner bottle on my two yorkie dogs. The conditioner works great after I give them a bath. Please stay away from the shampoo! The shampoo is awful and I wouldnt even use it on my dogs!

  • Sweet Pea #2 - One of the best books I've read in several years about prophesy

    One of the best books I've read in several years about prophesy. It it a riveting, page turner that will leave the reader far wiser