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  • Arya - Does what it says but be careful if u have oily skin.

    A small pump is enough to cover complete face and neck. I'm using it after derma roller and it leave my face very oily. I need to wipe my face with a tissue every 20 minutes to make sure there isn't excess oil on my face because I have oily skin on face and it leads to acne in few hours if I let the oil sit on my face. Works well but extremely oily.

  • Richard M. Latham - Wow this is an awesome product. The directions are simple and they have ...

    Wow this is an awesome product. The directions are simple and they have nice on line tutorials. I preferred this over the wireless remote because of the way it simply mounts were old school bright switches used to be. It is natural and easy to click and it is hidden so you can turn it off when you get pulled over or while pesky noise haters are around. Sorry but it is not that loud. I can easily silence it when a call comes in or when I want to sneak into the drive when my teenager is home alone to see if he is up to no good. LOVE This product.

  • Jacky Caesar - Oscar worthy performance by the Cardinals

    I counted the days for this film, knowing that the producers had in this years World Series winner, the stuff of legend. One improbable comeback after another. The St Louis Cardinals eventual triumph in 2011 was one for the ages. Nothing is overlooked here, not one single key element of the story is forgotten. I can't stop watching it, it should win an Oscar, but it won't bring Albert back. A must for the entire population of Cardinal Nation. 10/10.

  • Amazon Customer - Mind opening

    Some situations in this book I could identify with. I used a few technical last week. They really work.

  • Mark Peevey - Coming Apart

    Well-written and researched book by Murray on how America has lost its way, culturally speaking. Though he doesn't address the corrupt behavior of our "Ruling Elite" that is well-documented in "Throw Them All Out," he offers a path to America finding common ground and once again becoming a sound country.

  • Adrienne Scott - My 7 year old grandson loved this gift

    This was a gift for my 7 year old grandson. He loved it. The nerf gun shoots the bullets really far or very high up in the air, so when shooting outside, they get lost easily - on the roof or over the fence, etc. Be sure to buy lots of extra bullets. It seemed to appeal to kids from 3 years to about 8 or 9 years old, and was pretty rugged.