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  • kahnj57 - Tragic but true

    Do not read this book if you are afraid of facing reality. Having lived several years in Oakland, I can definitely identify many of the factors Mr. Kersey describes. Again, do not read this book if you still have illusions of political correctness.

  • Thomas - Great content, cheap book quality

    I like Rick Steve's travel guides and videos, and his books are usually my first "go-to" for travel planning. His Florence and Tuscany guide is filled with great insights helpful to those of us wishing to hit the highlights while avoiding the tourist traps, so no issues with the content. Instead, my two-stars reflect a "protest vote" of sorts against the extremely low physical quality of the book itself, whose pages and print are more akin to a phone book or a cheap newspaper. The print is visible through the pages, and is so light that I'm afraid it will smear if I touch it. The resolution of photos (all black and white) is so low as to be of little value other than to fill space. This would be less of a concern if the books carried a lower price, but being part of the Rick Steves empire they can charge what they want. C'mon Steve, for $18 we deserve more. Also, when will the Empire acknowledge the 21st century with electronic versions, as Lonely Planet has so successfully done.

  • Ellie - Hood performs and looks great. Mine had defective metal filter with broken clamp

    Hood performs and looks great. Mine had defective metal filter with broken clamp. Contacted the manufacturer and they sent a replacement part promptly.

  • Barbara Hudson - A fun way to help kids recognize our National treasures

    These quarter books are great for helping learn about the National Parks and where they are located. It's a great way to collect and preserve something for the future. I'm thinking of my Grandkids and how they will enjoy them as they grow old enough to learn to value not just money but the things God has given us in our Nation.