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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • John D. Rivera - As advertised....Awesome

    You simply screw factory Antenna off and screw this one on...that's it! I didn't think it work increase my reception but it actually did. My AM channels are clear....I was surprised. The obvious benefit to the Stubby is that it looks cool as h3ll too.!

  • Derrick - Great Product, cultures well too

    This product eliminated some digestive problems I had been having for some months in just a week, just by taking as described on the package. I never thought a billion bacteria would be so effective. I guess the strain really matters. Here's a disclaimer: I don't suggest doing anything but following the manufacturer's directions. However, I have found this product cultures nicely in fresh 2% milk at 75 degrees over 24 hours to make a very neutral tasting yogurt like smoothie drink which is ready for splenda/stevia, honey, real maple syrup, vanilla, blender, or whatever else I plan to use it for. Culturing it in this manner increases the bacteria count by perhaps 100x to 1000x or more, perhaps to well over a trillion bacteria if my research is correct. (assuming a doubling rate of every 60 minutes, with a starting bacteria count of 1/2 billion would yield conservatively a bacteria count well into the trillions)

  • MoveeBuff - Best Weekly Magazine

    You don't have to live in New York to love this magazine. It's almost like a mini-newspaper with the variety it offers--current and historical events, opinions, fiction, book, theater, and movie reviews, poetry, and of course, their famous cartoons. Their writers and reporters are often seen on TV for good reason--they are the best. As a very long term subscriber, their weekly magazine is still amazing after all these years.

  • Tony Quintana - Great sub

    Placed two on the center console of my boat and they sound excellent even though they are NOT encapsulated. Great Subs