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  • Armand M. Mariano - Great system for the value

    System worked great for 9 months. During hot summer season, the touch screen stopped working properly and need to be reset on a regular basis .I was told by Fahrenheit technician that the electronics were faulty and not under warrantee due to purchase through a third party (ebay). Great system for the money when it worked properly. Still using the system with blue tooth music and general mapping but gps street set up is difficult due to faulty touch screen.. I recommend purchasing system through a legitimate company to get the 1 year warrantee.

  • Mckensi - Alas

    Yes, this got the black out finally. People. Sad sad people who dyed their hair black and got sick of it. Let me share my wisdom. You don't have to bleach you're hair. This will do the trick . Dying your hair black is like drawing with a black coloured pencil. It's not going to come off if you try to dye it another color. It may work after a week but not at all. You'll just be breaking up your hair worst by trying all these different colours. So just use this and then dye it over and your worries will wash away. Don't say I never warned you.

  • Fireman - Good Card Making Program

    Nice card software. I wish Hallmark didn't make the program automatically write their name on the back of all Greeting Cards one makes. And they protected it so you can not remove the name Hallmark when printing out the finished card.

  • BlackhawkFan - Worse than incompetent.

    BD used to be good. I've run this program for several years. Late 2014, I got hacked several times with unauthorized purchases against my debit card. End of 2014, BD screwed up my OS so bad I couldn't access Hotmail. Had to switch to Chrome.