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  • Alan R - Poor consistency, will not come out of pump

    I have bought two of these a month or two apart. In both instances the moisturizer would not come out when using the pump. I grabbed a pump from another moisturizer the first time and that worked for a while but then that also failed to work. The consistency of the lotion is likely the culprit. I would have assumed it was a bad batch if it was just once but twice signals there's something more significant wrong. I will not be purchasing this lotion again; it's not worth the hassle.

  • Stanch B - I have been using these products for years and they are good to my hair

    Really untangles and softens my hair, as well as promote growth. I have been using these products for years and they are good to my hair.

  • Homeychick - Wrinkles be gone

    I have not used this product very long so take what I say with a grain of salt. The products appear to blurr the crows feet and somewhat lift the jaw line. I did think the tone and texture would be better after 4 weeks.

  • Tyler Forge - clunky, slow, annoying, but functional

    OK, it does what I bought it for, mostly, eventually. I got out of the quicken habit many years ago when I didn't upgrade. My previous experience was that the the software was fine but that intuit was annoying in that they never lost an opportunity to market to me or install unwanted crap on my computer. Well, my new experience is that they did manage to miss a few annoyance opportunities but have addressed those problems. I wish they had paid as much attention to shipping a better product.

  • oscar - Great Look Great Price and still can see the little apple!

    I can wait to have My new iPhone 7 to put my brand new cover that will make the phone look awesome this cover look amazing!!

  • Rw Scolari - Great CG Movie

    John Cusiak again proves that he can handle a major roll and an action movie. This movie has great special effects. Woody Harrilson provides a comic relief. In all the special effects, mostly CG, are the real stars. Good movie.

  • Gary K. Smith - Trackr pitch signal way too high for many seniors. Finding phone works fine

    Works fine for me finding phone. However, as a senior the phone to trackr device has a pitch tone way too high for most seniors. Me: - It's not working. Wife: What's that screeching I hear? Would think that seniors would be a great market for this, but it only works for me in 1 direction. Surely the tone can be changed.