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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Pudgylove - I'm fostering a english bulldog that has extremely bad skin issues that's making him really itchy and the ...

    I'm fostering a english bulldog that has extremely bad skin issues that's making him really itchy and the vet recommended that I buy this until all the medications kick in and we get it under control. It was almost twice the price at the vet office so I'm glad I purchased it on Amazon instead. He gets medicated baths 3-4 a week which helps, but I've been applying the calming mousse between baths and it's really helped with the scratching. It's been a lifesaver!

  • M. Brown - Entertaining but...

    Fluency was an engaging story with well developed character and plot, but at times read like a teen romance novel wrapped in a sci-fi cover. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but you should know what you're getting yourself into. This was more akin to Danielle Steel than Asimov.

  • Twinklecat2 - Facing some sad facts

    OK - I listened to the album one more time. Because there's some beautiful music arrangement, I have raised my rating slightly, but no more than that.

  • DebO - compare

    Originally, I received an email that I would NOT received the brushes for 5-7 days. Being a member of the instant gratification society, I was disappointed. However, the brushes arrived in 2 days :) The set is VERY nice. Equally as nice as a famous brand name brush that I admired recently at a chain beauty store, for twice as much for 1 brush. Thanks!

  • D. Peterson - Great item for a Media PC

    I wanted a small and inexpensive Media PC and started out by ordering the latest Android G-Box box but returned it cause it just "wasn't ready for Prime Time" when it came to VPN overseas/regional/restricted media streaming.

  • Kevin K - The best of the best.

    I purchased this software after trying the demo. I tried the other ones but I wanted as simple as possible and as powerful as possible.

  • a viewer - Best bouillion cubes

    This is another item that my supermarket used to carry but then stopped carrying. They still carry Telma Chicken and Beef consomme cubes, but ceased carrying the mushroom and vegetable cubes. I don't know why.....and none of the other supermarkets in the area carry it.