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  • Amazon Customer - 1st Rav4 and LOVE it!

    This is my 1st Rav4. My daughter and son-n-law got one on a lease and fell in love with it. They said when their lease is up, they will be buying a new one. I love mine. I was originally a 4-Runner owner and loved that one too. The new 4-runners are so big and the Rav4 is perfect size for me. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

  • Cassandra a. - Great Cargo Matt!!!

    Fits great, good quality and nice protection. But wouldn't recommend for pets. Its a harder, bumpy surface, not too comfortable for them to lay on. But for evening else it's great!!

  • Kim Yu - very light bag

    Surprisingly light and full utility golf bag. highly recommended. The slots for clubs do need some getting used to, but this is minor compared to the other positive features.

  • J. Holmes - Too cheap for any real hauling.

    Not happy with this roof rack. The plastic ends are flimsy. The bars are noisy when driving down the highway.

  • Oxana Druta - good product

    This was initially a good product, and strong enough for me. I would probably buy a similar product, but made of some stronger metal, because this one broke after a set of more active and quick moves, which it was probably not designed for. It should be good enough for a beginner, but if you plan on squeesing it more than 50 times per set, i guess it may break just like mine did.

  • Timothy Hodges - 50 songs for less than 10 bucks.

    I've bought these every year since 2001 and I wasn't disappointed with this year. A great mixture of songs for long car rides. Only drawback is I would like to have had it autorip for my Amazon cloud.